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Midwest Weavers Conference Prairie Winds 2013

What a creative idea for the guild exhibit!

Guild Exhibit entry that was needle felted panel from a picture of the Kansas wheat fields.

I had a great time in Kansas in June for the Midwest Weavers Conference Prairie Winds 2013
I was lucky to find another Wisconsin weaver to drive to Kansas with. We left on Saturday and spent one evening in a motel. Late Sunday morning we were in Lawrence, Kansas at just the right time to make a stop at the Yarn Barn for some weaving supplies and a great lunch. Lawrence is a hopping town, very busy on this Father's day Sunday.

We arrived at the Emporia State Campus around Dinner time and unloaded our car at the dorm where we saw many familiar faces. The Midwest Weavers are a very friendly group and very enthusiastic about this weaving conference. The weather was clear and warm which was nice as we have had a very cool and rainy spring on Lake Superior. In the evening we met others on our floor in the dorm which included the Key Note speaker Jeannine Glaves who was a very entertaining woman, two of the Kansas Conference planners. Sherri and Leslie who kept us up to date on what was happening. Also some teachers Nadine, Marcia K and others who I had recognized from past conferences or our Northern Wefts 2011 conference.

Some of Nadine Sander's samplers of various weaves.
I want to share with our guild Nadine Sanders 'Weaving that Sings' workshop pictures since she will be in Calumet for her Triple Play Workshop September 20, 21 and 22. Including a concert at the Calumet Art Center Saturday night the 21st. Please check with Ed Gray or the Calumet Art center for workshop information if you are interested. I believe Ed told me we have 6 or 7 signed up already. So if you are thinking you might like to take the workshop it might be a good idea to give him a call.
Nadine's web site has some nice pictures in the Gallery also. This workshop was for fabric or Tapestry, She will be including Rug weaving option for the Calumet version. The workshop will be on a 4 harness loom using two weights of warp thread and creating images with the Theo Moorman technique.

Nadine's sample vest

 Nadine's students really enjoyed her workshop! She had lots of nice samples of her work.

Student work
more student work.
another sample of creating pictures on the warp.
After the fashion show Nadine lead a group of us to celebrate the Summer Solstice at a nearby park
we shared stories of summer nights and Nadine Sang and played the fiddle. A very nice end to a busy evening.
more student work

Inge Dam 3 day workshop 'Incorporating Tablet Weaving into Garments' this class was very popular but it was a slow weaving class. This sample was completed on Thursday after the preconference was over. The trick was keeping the balanced tabby weave on the left and adding the tablet weave decorations on the right. Not as easy as it looks. I was told that Inge had some beautiful finished garments to share with her class. If you check out the Teachers Exhibit on the Midwest Weavers Conference 2013 Prairie Winds facebook page you should see an example of her work. I believe you can view their facebook page without joining facebook.

finished sample after class

I took a 3 day workshop with Susan Wilson, 'Interlacement Motifs' a very fast moving round robin class, I have lots of samples to share with you of some nice weaving patterns. I think I almost understand how to plan Blocks in my weaving after taking this class. I also took a lecture with Ruby Leslie on 'Sampling is Not a Dirty Word.' I have new ideas about how to get organized and some sampling short cuts.

My favorite class was 'Tame the Twist' with Marcia Kosmerchock this was an all day class. We learned to make a warp with some fine unruly yarns.  Silk/stainless steel and wool crepe overtwist from Habu Yarns and Tencel from Just Our Yarn.  Just Our Yarn is a great vendor and they put together some kits for our class that are amazing. During the class we also warped our looms and learned the tricks and tips for warping with these unruly yarns, so I came home with a warped loom. I have wove 1.5 yards of the 4 yards I will need for my 2 yard scarf. Marcia has a great collection of samples and garments she shared with our class.

My overtwist yarn on the loom picture and picture of Marcia's sample off the loom or what my scarf will look like after pouring boiling water over the scarf. 

Marcia Kosmerchock - won the 'Best of Show' and 'Margaret Grant award' for her Garment 'Red and Black Sparkle' in the 'Over the Rainbow Fashion Show' at Prairie Winds 2013. Her weaving is on 4 shafts and uses the and inlay of metallic yarn, which gives the sparkle to the jacket. The collar and cuffs are an eight shaft collapse weave advancing twill. 
She also got an award for her garment in the Members Exhibit check out the facebook page for Midwest Weavers Conference 2013 Prairie Winds for pictures of the Members, Teachers, and Guild Exhibits. The Fashion Show pictures are supposed to be added.
I also won a Fashion Show award for my '4 Shaft woven Garments' the Tencel tunic top 'Emerald Fields with Thistles' and 'Autumn Kiss. 

Midwest Weavers Conference 2015 will be in Minneapolis MN so check out the list of teachers they already have signed up at the site.

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