Saturday, June 13, 2020

Buellwood Best 2020 Quarantine

We had our Annual 'Buellwood Best' 2020 . Although we could not meet, I received some lovely vessels from our busy Fiber Artists. Our Challenge this year was to create a vessel from any medium for the 2020 Buellwood Best in May. Some of us forgot, some of us were too busy creating other masterpieces.

Jimalee is back from Tennessee and sent in this felted vase.
A small knitted/felted pod that was perfect for a shot glass of water for the  lilies-of-valley and boxwood at our TN house!  (She is celebrating now because they will get to have two springs)!

Karen T sent this lovely vessel. The materials are Elm bark spokes, Birch weavers, cedar twiners and a waxed cotton between weave twiner with a knotted element. I love mixed media bark and fiber construction utilizing Barks that lend their strengths and properties to the specific components in the basket. Elm is a strong spoke, cedar makes a nice fine twiner, and Birch is a great weaver that doesn't shrink in width. Think about it!
Karen's vessel
close up of her vessel.
John's lovely vessel is very creative. He said Lynn and I talked about doing something arty and I wanted to use material I already had, particularly a roll of rattan I bought years ago. He wanted to do a 'porcupine' cover and use the existing warp on his tapestry loom. It's pretty rough as the rattan didn't really want to pack down with the weft and everything contracted when he took it off the loom. Certainly not practical,maybe a small pot will fit in it. I have not seen a entry from Lynn as yet unless I missed the email.

John's Arty Vessel

Poppy's sent me a picture of an igloo vessel cover. Unfortunately the snow melted before she got the photo..  really this is a living willow dome / house which she installed at a children's farm area. 
Poppy's igloo cover

Laura is back in Wisconsin! Missing the meet-ups.
Here is her challenge right off the forest floor and wrapped around a canning jar. What better way to drink an old fashion. If you spill, it's removable. Lovely work again so happy to have our Snow Birds back with all their talented projects.

Laura's Forest Floor
Dawn's foot vessel in progress
Dawn has found she has lost some creative energy this Spring but sent in a intended vessel for her feet. In progress. She also did not finish her intended project. The one picture is of lots of felted pieces she knit, then felted with the intention of cutting, then sewing felt boots. This pile is as far as she got. They would have been vessels for her feet. I was thinking the same thing so I added hats and mittens to our Vessel challenge.
Her other picture is of a hat she made from some white, linen sleeves that she cut off of a shirt. The dog and Dawn fight over who gets to wear it. She loves the indigo blue color Dawn dyed it! 

Denise's newborn knit hats
Denise made these Newborn hats that she is making for a the Casa Materna mission in Nicaragua. This pattern is on Ravelry FREE, 'Easy Peasy Left Over Sock Yarn Hat'

Jimalle's mitts.

Jimalee's Malabrigo wool and alpaca mittens. Also a vessels for our hands.

Mary knit this Katie's Kep pattern is from Shethland Wool Week 2020 and yarn was bought at Siever's Fiber School on Washington Island. They have yarn kits to sell at about $36 dollars with shipping in 4 colors.

Mary's Katie's Kep

Non vessel show and tell

     Melissa M is hoping to be leaving for Michigan by June 15.  She is continuing to do a lot
of weaving. She really liked the pattern She had on her eight harness loom But She wanted to make placemats that were wider and a bit thicker. The original warp was 10/2 cotton with a 32 sette  she tied on a second warp of 5/2 cotton with a 20 sette.

She is also finishing a second
Tencel scarf On her 4 harness loom.  The overshot pattern is from the November December 2017 Handwoven page 46.

I too love these patterns I hope to have a runner on my loom soon. But my stash yarn is not this lovely. Great colors for sure.

Kathie sent me these photos on my phone , I believe she said this warp took a 3 weeks to put on the loom but it sure was worth the effort Kathie. lovely pattern and colors. Great work I hope you love your loom by now. Called 'Texas Bluebonnets' .

Kathie's 'Texas Bluebonnets'


Denise's quilt

Denise didn't get a vessel for Buellwood best completed but she did finish a quilt for her daughter that had been hanging around for quite awhile. It is machine appliqu├ęd and free motion quilted.

Hope to see you all in July as we may have our room at Gloria Die for our meeting. I will find out the specifics on Wednesday. Right now the Marsin said we can hold our Fall Retreat as long at our Governor does not restrict us again.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

April fools NO - NO meeting again this month

Wow I am so inspired! not only did we have great show and tell form our guild members for April. Which I am finally getting around to posting since I have been busy trying to finish some UFO's before summer arrives and I want to be outside on the beach.

But today I watched a Zoom Noon Chat with Mary Sue Fenner live from her Studio in Abrams WI.
This video was put on the Wisconsin Quilt Museum  Face book page and if you missed this tour of her studio, her history and garments. you can catch the Chat in full soon on their facebook above. As well as few other Friday Noon Chats planned for the next few weeks.

If you can please try to send larger photos from your cell phone for our blog! coming pretty soon. I can't wait to see all the creative work form our talented guild  as you can see some come across to small and if enlarged are very fuzzy.

Clare's fabric on loom for MS Fenner workshop

I've also been making masks, finished and mailed a knitted birthday cardigan for my sister (Omba cardigan on Ravelry in wool/cotton blend from Green Mountain Spinnery), and have continued weaving off my yardage for my jacket (Finnish Bird's Eye draft from Davison). Will probably try my hand at a wearable muslin with non-handwoven yardage while waiting for the jacket class to be rescheduled.
 Clare's sister's sweater

Outlandish Capelet

I Finished knitting an Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise jacket. But need to find some buttons. Finished knitting an "Outlandish Capelet" made from a kit from a friend. 
While is Arkansas this winter sewed many diapers made from t-shirts and sanitary pads for a mission in Nicaragua.  Working on a quilt for my daughter. 

Baby Surprise Jacket

Arne and Carlos Mitts
It's good to be in touch with you and see all your lovely projects.  I've finished my Arne and Carlos mittens; 
I made a hat which you see being blocked on a dinner plate; made another little hat for a new born (April 15) whose name is Roselyn, aka Rosie; 
felted basket
I knitted and felted an Easter basket for my niece and her two daughters (filled with with boxwood for grass and onion skinned dyed eggs)! and knitted little socks just picking up some stash and knitting in the car.  We're stuck in Tennessee, trying to get home, but are unsure of driving back as yet.  But, the Tennessee weather is great.  

 Jon's wooden boards

I've been weaving a few tea towels on the guild 8 shaft.
Also, crocheted a couple market bags.
Jon did a couple more boards...until his table saw died!

Towels by Marilyn
Marilyn's towels

crocheted market bags
Karen T

I've been sewing and donating masks as well, but took a break to get back to my basketry business as many want kits from cancelled classes. I'm doubting that any of my classes will run the rest of the year, they're dropping like flies as well as the summer festivals. I plan to continue organizing and focusing on my own creative ideas if I can get caught up on teaching proposals and kit orders!

I've been knitting's too! I made the Newfie hat with a combination of yarns, the lighter is handspun, with a bit of silk in it I bought at the Marquette Farmers Market last summer. I JUST finished the shawl which is Falkland Island Handspun from a spinner on Washington Island. I had to order another hank and wait a while for it to be able to finish. I'm glad I went with the larger size. I need to figure a way to pin it together. I love the colors and look, and I'm sure blocking will help it out as well.


The first a picture of some of the masks I have been making for friends- grocery workers - family and cancer patients.

This 3rd is a very complicated (for me)19 project that took me more than a week to get on my loom. Delighted I did it. Hope to finish before stay at home is over. Called: Texas Bluebonnets. Again this is lovely I wish the pictures sent from cell phones were larger.

Laura  While in Florida Laura has been Quilting. I think this Gypsy Quilt is the prettiest I Quilt I have ever seen... almost makes me want to start Quilting! then again weaving patterns are enough careful planning for me.

Melissa  M
Tencel scarves from January/February handwoven 2017 page 47

On right pillow material made with wool dyed by Dawn! 

On left 10/2  Cotton pattern from March/April 2020 page 38
This pattern is also a great project in Handwoven. 

Melissa's punch needle projects
which still need to be finished.
These are amazing!
Melissa's Guild in California had a presentation from Carol James in Winnipeg Canada about sprang. It's absolutely fascinating it's a kind of braiding that is very elastic when finished Carol is an excellent teacher per Melissa. If you have time check out her website.
For more information, and for educational materials, I'd like to direct people to my website

Melissa L 
 I finally finished up some "antique" warp on these rag rugs.  We are locked-down in Norway, being responsible citizens, but I haven't noticed much difference in my life style actually. We understand!

 show and tell is her knit a long in progress with Arne and Carlos Quarantine Knit Along which is still on their blog although Carlos had the virus and is very weak even in recovery and they needed to take a break.

Arne and Carlos Quarantine Knitting
More masks completed.

I made a few masks with fat quarters I will never use, mostly for family and friends.

Last of all the finished Bomberet Towels from handwoven
March April 2015 pg 38

Shades of India towels

 Here is what I have been working on this month. I draped the pattern and constructed it with fabric that was a gift to me many many years ago from a friend who was in the guild, Marilyn Mason.. Still need to make button holes and hem it. It has been a good demonstration piece for my students.

A great Finnish article about a


AM SO EXCITED THAT YOU WILL BE GROWING WILLOW |    Another Salley garden in the UP.   
I think that I have finished my random willow with looped fiber overlay.  Its a project I could add more to, but I think its done.  Used fibers/warp from the retreat that was cut from Laura's card loom project.  the gold and yellow brought it together. 
I also crochet a little Yoda.
 I am Still working but my husband is not so with his extra help around the house I have had some extra time for projects. The last is a slow stitching in the works on eco dyed silk. 

See you online next week, I hope we have another great show and tell for May!