Thursday, March 1, 2018

Spindles to Share - February Buellwood Guild meeting 2018

Drop Spindles and fiber to try our hand

Every month guild members bring a diverse collection of projects to show off and share with the group.  February’s meeting was no exception. 

Kathie brought the wall hanging that she made while auditing Phyllis’ weaving class at Finlandia.  Inspired by sequoias, the top of the piece is a painted warp while the bottom uses ryijya, a traditional Finnish technique.

Kathie's 'Sequoias' hand woven piece

Kathie also showed off some fine needle lace that she bought in Pag, an island on the Adriatic coast of Croatia.   

Croatian fine needle lace

John has been learning to work with supplemental weaves, and brought some recent samples.  He’s still trying to determine which technique will work best with the yarn he dyed during Dawn’s workshop last summer.

Finn Weave sample in light green

Maddie brought some of her winter projects along, including these sweet Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that she made for her grandchildren.

Karen L. has been working on a sweater for he daughter. Featuring a chevron pattern and cowl neck, she’s using a very soft yarn in a lovely blue color.

Karen T. is taking Clare’s knitting class this month and is off to a fantastic start with her first pair of mittens. She’s working with the yarn dyed in Dawn’s class last summer, and letting the color placement emerge as she knits along.

Karen T Mittens Yarn from dye workshop

This month, Anita led the program on drop spindles and fiber types.  She brought along her impressive collection of spindles and discussed the types and uses for many of them.  She provided roving for us to give them a try.  She also brought along different types of fiber for us feel and discuss. 

Fiber to Feel

In March, Phyllis will be presenting a hands on program on 'Optical Color Blending'!  Monday March 19 th at Gloria Dei Church at 12:00 noon. Bring your lunch and show and tell and join us for this meeting.

We have also set the date for our annual Fall Fiber Retreat. This year it will be Saturday October 13 and 14 again at the Marsin Retreat Center. Start thinking about what we want for workshops this year. TBA who will organize this years retreat.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Breeds of Sheep Guild meeting January 2018

Our January topic was Breeds of Sheep, presented by Dawn. In her Sheepish report Dawn mentioned there are 200 Breeds of sheep worldwide. In the USA there were 56 million sheep in 1945 and in 2003 we only had approximately 7 million sheep in the USA. She talked about the fiber diameter and softness. The wool characteristics to be aware of and she had some lovely wool fleece samples from each major group of sheep, which we examined and compared.
If you want to know more about Sheep Breeds Dawn recommended the book 'Fleece and Fiber Scorcebook' by Robson and Ekarius.

Dawn's blue woad dyed and felted hat
Dawn had a number of knit and felted hats to share today. I was only able to get pictures of the blue one that Hanna is holding and the red one Dawn modeled for us. Although she was quick taking it off, this one was called the multi fisherman and is a Zimmerman pattern. The yarn was dyed with Madder root.
Rust hat

She also brought two visitors who came to Calumet to spend some time felting with her. They also did a little skiing. Jenna showed us her felted horse blanket made with churro wool.
Hanna's Churro horse blanket
While Sam came with a pair of boots she wanted to make liners for and
a lovely pair of liners she made to fit inside her beautiful leather boots. A ball of wool dyed with walnut hulls and a head band knit and felted.
Sam with liners for her boots
Hanna's walnut wool, felted boot liners and headband

 Phyllis brought in a weaving she called 'Looking out the Sauna Window'
it was woven on painted warp with various color wefts to reflect the view from the sauna.

 Mary had a sample of a weaving on a Yak warp that was dyed with indigo and woven with various wefts of Habu paper yarn, Silk ribbon and other yarns. Unfortunately the warp was too weak to hold up for the weaving, so after many broken warp threads she removed it from the loom and kept the sample as a record of what not to do. The yak was just not strong enough for this weaving.
indigo Yak war
scarf with North Ronaldsay wool

This scarf was knit from a web site that gave video instructions for the knitting patterns. Knit Purl Hunter was the website and the pattern was 'Behind the Scenes' The yarn was from North Ronaldsay Island in Scotland and the sheep on the island roam near the Sea and eat Seaweed from the shores.  The wool is unbelievably soft. 

She also has been spinning some Shetland wool that was dyed by a friend from Kewaunee, WI.
Shetland wool hand spun
Kathie wove a beautiful piece of fabric for Prosphora bread bags for her son's church. It is unleavened bread used for communion for the Eastern Orthodox Church. The pattern is From the Davidson 4 shaft book. the pattern is by Oelsner.
Kathie's fabric
Kathie's close up

John found a couple of knit lace doilies from 1940 that
were made by his Great Grandmother. We all enjoyed seeing these finely knit Doilies..

 Clare is planning our MLH sample and she did not have show and tell but she is very happy with her Mason Bag she found at Harbour Freight. It is Plenty big enough for her knitting projects.

Our next meeting will be February 19th and Anita has offered to do some drop spindle spinning and will bring more wool samples for us to explore.
For our March meeting Phyllis is going to surprise us with a presentation.

Time to start working on your Buellwood Best project for the May meeting. 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Buellwood Christmas Luncheon

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all from the Buellwood Weaver and Fiber Artist Guild. 
This year we had a special holiday luncheon at the Kangas Cafe for our December meeting. 

After a wonderful lunch at the Cafe, almost no business was discussed. We had another wonderful show and tell along with a Dirty Santa Exchange of handmade gifts for those who wished to participate. 
We also had a Weaving word find game for a gift. 

 Dawn had lots to show us this meeting, She has been felting wool and created these warm white mittens that she plans to embellish. I hope if she gives them as a gift remember she will take a picture to show us in January.
Her felted elf hat was a real popular item. John wore it with great pride.

 Dawn also made a wool hat with her dyed yarn which was from the fixation hat pattern with many color rows of wool yarn. Lovely colors for sure.

On the dye category she brought in a sample of a lovely Burgundy dyed yarn which she got with Pole Berries soaked in Vinegar with an alum mordant.
Pole Berry dye sample
Fixation Hat pattern and wool
Karen was wearing her show and tell, a cute reclaimed wool sweater jacket she bought in Trenary, MI from Sunny Day Giggles.
Really cute from the front but wait to you see the back.

She also created this ornament from Redwood and Cedar which was lovely and is working on this looping project around a shell.
Karen's ornament from Cedar
looping on a shell

Clare has been doing some sampling to aid our production of MLH samples for 2018. We are eager to get started weaving the samples at a location in Houghton and would love to have all our members involved in some part of this project. Contact John or Clare if you are interested in doing either warping, weaving, sewing or serging the edges of the 3 inch samples, Which will be sent out to all MLH members this next fall.

 John has taken the step to sew. He found a new shop in Hancock, MI that specializes in Hand cranked sewing machines and he made a little sampler. Sew Cranky on Quincy Ave.

John is now the owner of an original wooden shuttle that belonged to Dorthy Buell.
Mary's show and tell were some Christmas towels that she wove from Handwoven 2013 Huck and Plain weave towels. 20 ends per inch for those who were wondering what my sett was. I found using cottolin for this project 3.5 yard warp was not enough to get 3 full towels 15 inches by 23 inches. as the pattern repeat took 32 inches to weave rather than 28 inches. 
I ( Mary ) am obsessed with knitting these miniature sweaters and hats for the Christmas tree right now and I am using all of my left over sock yarn for these little gems. Some I have even added names to the front of the sweater.

Our Dirty Santa exchange started out fun I opened a beautiful hat. Kathie loved her woven dish towels. Sara got a beautiful scarf . Soon the tides turned and Susan stole the dish cloths from Kathie, Kathie stole the wrist warmers from Karen, Karen stole my blue hat, I took the red truck embroidered ornament, Dawn stole the wrist warmers form Kathie, Kathie stole the dish cloths from Susan and on and on.  

But Sarah ended up with her beautiful scarf.

Then Debra and her daughters showed up for a bit. A Nice Afternoon!

our next meeting will be January 15th and the topic will be Breeds of Sheep.
See you at Gloria Dei at noon.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

November Buellwood meeting warping the Inkle loom

Inkle loom weaving
Our November meeting was a week early to avoid the Thanksgiving travel week.
We all agreed the retreat in October was a great success. Thank you to all who participated and our guild members who planned the schedule and prepared the many workshops we were able to experience.
Also a thank you to Eve for her donation of weaving magazines and books for our guild library. We sold a few of the duplicates to add to our guild funds.

Our Guild  also participated in the 'Art Affair' sale in Houghton in November. We did a booth with a demo of weaving on a table loom and an Mini wave loom. We also featured the inkle loom.  Karen arrived with her birch bark stars and baskets and was very popular with her demo. She sold some as fast as she made them.

Kathie and John demonstrated the  4 shaft table loom and Mary demonstrated the Mini Wave loom. We were allowed to sell some of our woven items and we donated 10% to our guild funds with the proceeds.

Clare had her own booth at the 'Art Affair'. She did a lovely job of presenting her woven knitting bags and her wool woven cuffs.  She will be at the 'Poor Artist sale' this weekend at the Calumet High School if you missed her in Houghton.

 Show and Tell is always a treat at these meetings. 

We have so many members who are busy with their fibers and love to share what they have been doing.

Dawn has been busy dying yarn, and knitting. She has added dying cloth to her many talents. She had some spectacular results with the dye matter she had left from our retreat. See the Purple corn stalks dyed yarn, variations were created by the order of dying the yarn.
Rhubarb leaves gave this yellow and orange color to the yarn. She mordants with Alum and used a washing soda after bath to get the orange color.

Purple corn stocks
Dawn with natural dyed yarns

I believe the tan and rose was produced by dying with buck horn . The tan with just Alum and the rose after the dye was diluted.
Buck horn dye matter

Rhubarb and Alum mordant
Dawn with dyed cloth samples using walnut hulls crushed and added to cloth before steaming. Last but not least this lovely hat knit with dawns natural woad and dyers root weed. Using Elizabeth Zimmerman's Beret pattern.
broken walnut hulls on cloth

Dawn's lovely knit hat with natural dyed yarns
Mary shared some crazy quilt squares she found at a fiber retreat and a sweater she knit for her grand daughter.
Boo sweater for Evie

Clare brought in a sample of her top down knitting in the round sweater pattern. She is wearing the vest knit in the round with a beautiful pattern on the yoke. the advantage of this top down pattern is you do not have to sew the side seams together when finished with the knitting.
Clare showed us her original design for a booth table cloth using many scraps of inkle loom woven bands to create the word Handwoven. Such a clever idea !

Close up of Clare's vest.

Clare with her booth cover art.
Phyllis brought in samples from her weaving class at Finlandia. This first one is a Horns-tooth pattern. The second is a pattern gamp from the stickler 8 shaft weaving book. A tapestry sample and the painted warps from her class. Looks like each student got a couple of feet of white warp to paint then it was put on the loom and woven.
horns tooth sampler
tapestry sample
8 shaft pattern gamp
painted warps
John brought in his woven Painted warp sampler. John is taking a second weaving class from Phyllis this semester.
painted warp woven by John
 Our presentation today was how to warp an Inkle loom. Clare brought in the guild floor inkle loom and showed us how to make heddles and put the warp on the loom.

 Our guild meeting included discussion of the MLH samples we will be weaving this year. As it is our Guilds turn to prepare woven samples for MLH to send out to all its many members.

A few good ideas were discussed and Clare is in charge of arranging for the warp and the weaving location.
We hope to see all of our members come and weave a few inches to a couple of feet of this woven cloth.

Our next meeting will be our Christmas Party TBA and we are planning a Naughty Santa gift exchange of a handmade fiber gift which is only for those who wish to participate. So please plan on coming to visit and enjoy a BYO lunch we are looking forward to a great turn out.  If anyone has an idea for a party game, fiber related, of course. Please contact John or Kathie with your plans.

Check out our website for updated meeting topics later this month.