Saturday, September 15, 2018

August Blue Dye Day at Dawn's

Dawn's garden is beautiful and her front yard is full of flowers. These pictures were sent to me, by Melissa, as I sadly missed the dye day in August. 

Dawn had some fun at our August meeting with some guild members and dyer's Knotweed.
They also had some fresh woad and true indigo to play with. They smashed fresh leaves into various silk pieces, pureed leaves and dipped, also they tied the fabric with string and rubber bands. It was so magical to take the green leaves, crush them in some way then watch the blue color develop .
Dawn smashing some leaves for the dye

Dawn's amazing garden

Our next guild meeting will be Monday September 17th at Gloria Dei Church in Hancock Michigan, We meet at noon with Show and Tell session then we will learn to warp a floor loom. this will be my way of warping back to front with the aide of weights so that you can wind the warp alone. Beginners; If you want to learn one method of warping a loom this is the meeting to attend.

Also remember we will be having our annual Guild Retreat October 13 and 14th at the Marsin Retreat Center on Red Brick Road. We have a number or workshops set up for your enjoyment. John will provide a list of the planned workshops on Saturday and Sunday 9-5pm then Saturday night I will share some slides from my Norway Cruise in June.
Please bring a dish to pass and your guild dues of $25. Non members are invited to attend for the cost of joining our guild. we will also be planning our guild meeting schedule for 2018-2019, so please bring ideas of what you are interested in learning and\or willing to present for the guild.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Design and wind a warp - Buellwood Guild July 2018 Meeting

Marilyn's Overshot Runner
The Buellwood Weavers and Fiber Artist Guild met at Gloria Dei Church in Hancock Michigan on Monday July 16th.  We did not meet in June as our meeting was the day following the Father's Day Flood that destroyed many roads in Houghton and the nearby area. 

In July we gathered to learn how to design and make a warp for a floor loom. Dawn bought a small floor loom this summer and she hopes to learn how to weave with a simple tabby towel project. During our demo we started a warp with the cottolin Dawn ordered and followed her design for a simple natural colored towel with three stripes on each salvage. This will be her first weaving project. 

At our September guild meeting we will demo warping a floor loom using Dawn's towel warp. If you want to learn one technique for warping a loom, please try to make this meeting. We encourage participation as there are many methods of warping and we can learn new tricks from our experienced weavers. This demo will be on Monday September 17th at Gloria Dei Church in Hancock at about 12:00 noon. Bring a lunch and your show and tell items and join us for more information on our Fall Retreat. Which is scheduled for October 13 and 14 at the Marsin Retreat Center off of Canal Road in Houghton.

Show and Tell

 Marilyn brought her woven Overshot runner to share as well as a friend Lori from Raleigh North Carolina. She is also a weaver but with Industry size equipment. Marilyn's Runner is at the top of this page. It is woven with wool, cotton and viscose. The pattern is the Maltese cross.

workshop sample
 Karen T brought in a couple of woven pieces she made at a workshop in Decorah IA.
 A Willow purse taught by Cattalin a basket weaver from Spain. A tray woven with some copper wire and a small basket that she would like to use for local workshops.
Karen's woven purse
Karen's woven tray.

Karen has many talents and she showed us a Bow loom woven bracelet that she will demo for us at our Fall Retreat.

Bow loom Bracelets
and her jewelry samples that she is experimenting with!
Karen T jewelry

 Kathie spent a couple of weeks in Normandy France with her family this summer. She was impressed by the Bayeux Tapestries she saw and brought home a tote bag with the Tapestry images printed on it. These tapestries are not very large but run a great length. It is actually embroidery of wool yarn on woven linen, made in the 11th Century. It is 70 meters long and 50 centimeters tall.
Bayeux Tapestry tote
Karen L log cabin scarf
Dawn is dyeing with coreopsis

Karen L brought in a woven scarf with pink and white yarn it is a log cabin pattern and she is working on the fringe finishing. 

she had two samples one was an annual and the other perennial.  She used Alum as the mordant and got two very different results. I am not going to pretend I know the difference but I did buy the Tickseed variety and I am going to add them to my prairie garden. 

Anita found another treasure at the resale shop! this is a Rug hooking devise from many years ago. It was in the original box. This is an Automatic Hook Rug needle.

Mary was in Scotland and came home with some North Ronaldsay Sheep's wool
a favorite soft wool to weave with. She also knit another Dead Fish Hat that John was nice enough to model for us. She also took a Indigo dye class from Debby Jirik at LOLA in Land of Lakes. She now has a Indigo plant growing on her deck for a dye bath or Eco dyed scarf latter this fall.
My Japanese Indigo plant is doing well this summer with the heat and rain.
North Ronaldsay yarn
Dead fish hat on John.
Indigo dyed cotton and silk.

Japanese Indigo

Our next meeting will be at Dawn's house in Calumet. A blue dye day on August 20 th from 1:00 to 4:00 $10 fee for materials
26191 Church street, Calumet Rockland and Caladonia
Park by tower please.
Let John know if you are interested. space is limited.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Buellwood Best -- May 2018

Buellwood Best Projects 

May is our annual 'Buellwood Best Share'. We had a good turn out this year, the challenge was to use the natural dyed wool form our 2017 fall retreat workshop given by Dawn. If you did not take the workshop then we asked you bring your best project for the 2017-2018 year. 
most of our members used our dyed yarn to create an item for the B Best Share. Our future hopes are to display these works in a local public building. 

Dawn is wearing her hand knit shawl, check with her on the exact pattern but it looks like the wingspan pattern or one of Steven West's 
She used yarn dyed with Buck horn and Lichens.

close up of shawl
Dawn decked in her shawl

Anita did not take the dye workshop but took a 'Sweet Water Grass Basket' class with the Calumet Art Center and made this lovely basket.

Anita and Karen
Sweet water grass basket by Anita

Laura used wool she dyed at the natural dye workshop to create these lovely Wool Appliqued pieces with stitching and embellishment. She used un ply-ed silk thread to sew the Applique onto recycled wool from her stash.

Laura's stitched pillow
Laura's stitched picture
Clare did a weaving with open spaces on a rug warp which she found gave her better tension for weaving this open design. Which she called 'Early Spring- Colors have Arrived'.
Clare's wall hanging
Clare's"Early Spring"
John continued with exploration of Transparent weave and created this window piece of whales. Using the dyed yarn for the weft pictures.
John with his transparent woven piece

Mary created a tunic using 46 balls of 20 yards of natural dyed yarn from two workshops she attended in 2017. The woven pattern was a Triple Draught Birds Eye which was my inspiration from a MLH swatch. The left side of the garment was a simpler birds eye pattern. For the weft she used a black Alpaca wool. The pattern was from the book 'Weave Knit and Wear' by Judith Shangold. Thank you to Melissa for modeling the tunic on a very hot day in May. Not that we have many hot days.

wool tunic
close up of tunic
 Melissa wove a number of runners with her dyed wool. In I believe a Summer and Winter pattern. if this is not correct it is because I was taking pictures and trying to listen and take notes at the same time. A lovely combination of all these colors we got from the natural dye workshop.
summer and winter close up.
wool woven runners in the lovely dyed colors

our guild admiring Melissa's woven runners
Karen is new to knitting but look at these mittens she has made from her 20 yarn balls. Karen said she is really enjoying knitting and is letting the colors flow as she knits. She has advanced to adding cables and patterns to her knitting. She has enough yarn to make a 5th pair of mittens.

4 pair of mittens in beautiful color

 Show and Tell 

If this above was not enough we also had some show and tell from our guild members.

Karen found these lovely Bow woven bracelets when she was out east and she promises to look into how these are woven for a future meeting.

knit mitttens

 Mary knit these cozy mittens using wool roving for the inside and used handspun alpaca wool mix for the body of the mittens.

woven piece from workshop warp

Melissa took an 8 shaft 'Weaving in a Parallel Universe'  workshop from Linda Harshorn  this winter in California. She brought in her amazing samples from this workshop. Many patterns to weave with parallel threading to create a variety of structures including shadow weave, four color doubleweave, echo weave twills, and turned taquete. She also shared a sampling loom from Purl and Loop. She claims she will try to sample in the future....
Echo weave sample
Phyllis brought in some items she gave away to family and they have been returned to her. lovely to remember the joy they gave her parents. A runner made from Seersucker P.J.'s in which she twisted 2 colors of weft to create the design. Place mats that were rag woven for her mother many years ago.
rag woven placemats
felted pill box for her dad
runner woven with Seersucker weft from P.J.s

Sarah had a bead woven piece which was very well executed and interesting.

Laura told us about a new rug hooking book she heard about in 
a class this winter.' Fancy Fibers' it is a beauty! and very 3 dimensional rug hooking.
Maddie finished her first scarf from the rigid heddle loom that her mom Lorraine Marley helped her warp. It is wool with the Scottish green color. Thank you Maddie and everyone for bringing in your lovely fiber pieces.
Scottish green

Maddie with her scarves.

We want to thank Clare for all the cutting and sewing on our MLH swatches due this month. Thank you to all who wove on this beautiful warp with the natural dyed yarn from Dawn. We will miss Clare, as she is spending next year out East closer to family who she will need around when they have their first baby in September. She is glowing! please keep us up to date when you can Clare.

Our next meeting will be June 18th  we will be showing how plan and wind a warp for towels. In July or September we will warp a 4 shaft loom with this warp. Now is the time to be there to see how many different methods of warping we use to do this. Bring questions and methods to share.