Wednesday, July 10, 2019

June 2019 Willow Basket

Look who is back! Clare showed up with baby Lyra for our June Guild meeting. We were surprised and delighted to see her and meet 9 month old Lyra. Then off she goes again for a two week Music Event Clinic in Finland. Fibers for show and tell no time for that right now.
Lyra is her show and tell

Jay showed us his Dream Catchers he has been making with Red Willow and waxed linen. He is making the spacing tighter at the top and incorporating bought not found feathers as he hopes to sell a few at the Keweenaw Summer Celebration.

Anita has been Good Willing again and this time she found some miniature metal Magic looms. These caught a lot of attention and we may try to use them at our retreat. She found an all metal round knitting needle, handmade wooden and metal crochet hooks and a hairpin lace loom.

Magic Loom and steel circular needle

Karen has been a busy lady with all the shows she has been producing work for. Thanks to winning all those awards at the Bonifas Arts Center earlier this year. She made a willow purse with a Catalan Base. Inside you can see how she attached the purse handles with very clever rods.

attached purse handles
willow purse with Catalan base

She also brought in her latest basket experiment, which she will be teaching at North Shore school this fall. She was able to Eco print a leaf on the birch for her basket lid. Her basic basket class is at North Shore this fall 
She is also teaching at the Porkies Folk School in August

Basket with Eco print

Laura is excited to have joined the Livestock Conservancy for her felted Art projects. They have initiated a program called 'Shave Em to Save Em'
Laura created this darling woolly sheep with her first fleece. The face is totally felted and oh so cute. She has found rare breeds of sheep from Sweden and Rya breeds. This sheep actually originated from the Norwegian and Swedish sheep breeds. Using the long, wavy and shiny wool to produce rya-wool was the main purpose of this sheep breed. Few long wool sheep breeds remained in the province of Dalarna, leading to the restoration of this sheep breed. Find some on Etsy better yet join the Livestock Conservancy 'Shave Em to Save Em' and use it in your Fiber Art.

needle felted face.
Shake - Gulf Coast Native fleece

Jacob fleece
 Marilyn has been weaving with a Wool/Acrylic blend of yarn and found that the final fulled weaving was much smaller than the woven piece. We learn a lot about fibers by experimenting. Still a lovely woven cloth from two skeins of this yarn.
Marilyn brought a young student Anna she has been teaching Inkle loom weaving. Anna is in 9th grade and you can see the progress she has made. The pink ones are her first attempts at weaving on the inkle loom and the more she wove the better the selvages are.

Anna with weaving
My Show and Tell this month was bringing my friend and her fabulous recycled garments. 
All pieces are designed and hand sewn by Mary Margaret. She was inspired by our day at 'Sew Cranky' last fall. When I visited the Finlandia Show this spring and saw the garments created by Jessica Shields. I thought Mary needs to share her garments.

Jessica's sketch book
'Bury Me in Fiber' by Jessica Shields

 Mary is a fine Watercolor artist but she loves to shop at Vinny's. This winter she found a bedspread at our local store and decided to wash it in her home machine. Which was a disaster as she burned out the motor in the process. She created a beautiful poncho with this bedspread. Which lead to searching for velour pillow shams which she made into garment toppers by adding various embellishments from items she collected on her travels around the world. I regret the pictures are not the best but Mary is very animated and I had a hard time catching her image.
MM's bedspread now a poncho

hand stitching on back of the garment
Velour pillow sham with Finnish silk piece
more from Mary had to be there.
Velour pillow sham embroidered art

another velour pillow sham becomes a topper
Backside of the topper

From Cambodia came this Hmong Art
and so cute on the Artist

Then the 'Main Event' Poppy presented a grand 'Willow Basket' presentation with a slide show of the history and gathering of willow for basket making. She told us how easy it is to grow willow catkins and how good they are for the bee. There are colored willow stalks also, that are cut down in the fall. With a second year harvest that you sort by length. She makes living structures that was really interesting.
Poppy shared the Boat Coracle Regatta that occurs in July at lake Michigammi the 26 th and 27th.
and the exhibit at Northern Michigan Heritage Center that is on display right now.

willow hoop and wax linen

Poppy with her inner bark black willow from Kentucky
Some samples of Poppy's baskets. Using Donna Kallner's looping to embellish the hoop basket with waxed linen. A inner bark black willow basket with willow from Kentucky. Garden structures that everyone loved. Poppy and Karen will be teaching two classes at the Porkies Folk School in August... classes are filling up so check it out.
fine basket

garden structure
stake and stan base white willow and brown with bark

Rib reed basket for Porkies Folk school class
lined willow purse with silk embellished edges
These Coracles are on display at Northern Michigan University Heritage Center.
Karen's coracle
Poppy's Coracle
 Thanks so much Poppy for opening up a new weaving direction for our Guild. We enjoyed it so much. 

Our next meeting will be in August 19th with Gary Olds coming to present a program on growing flax to making Linen to weave with. Come join us with show and tell at noon and then a presentation by Gary Olds to follow.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Buellwood Best Spring Show

We had our 'Buellwood Best' Spring show last May 20th at our Gloria Dei meeting. If you missed the meeting it was a great turnout. Pictures do not show the excellent work by our members.
Our theme for 2019 was to 'select a photo from nature to create your best fiber piece'  and we had a great turn out for this event. I think it was our 3rd Buellwood Best, each year it gets better.
As always we had a brief show and tell before the main event.

Show and Tell

Anita had another find at the resale shop. This time a book on 'Rose Windows' a book about making stain glass windows with tissue paper.

woven wool hanging
Laura brought in woven piece from Mexico and pictures of two quilts she created this winter in Florida.
Pine Island
willow basket

Dawn showed a basket that a friend made out of Willow. This could be made at a 6 hour workshop at the Rail River folk School, with Emily Derke.

Mary knit a pair of socks for herself from a pattern 'Celestial Lights Socks' which were inspired by the stain glass windows at the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris. Fiber Wild has a whole line of sock patterns from around the world. Since my maiden name is LaChapelle with Paris ancestors, I just had to make these socks. It was a challenge to say the least. The backpacks I bought from a couple, Lilli and Edmond, on the beach in Belize and the screen printed fabric was a gift from my friend who sold these shawls to shops in Hawaii. She knows the owner of the screen print factory wants to plan a tour of the this factory in Bali...anyone up for a long plane ride?

Celestial light socks
Guatemalan woven backpacks

Bali Silk Screen printed fabric

Buellwood Best Spring Show
This year our show was spectacular.
Weaving is still alive! we had a number or woven pieces completed by our members. 
Buellwood Best display

display of BB pieces
more BB best art
Phyllis started out the Buellwood Best show with a felted piece 'Lake, Water, Sky'.
She lives and works in the U.P. and loves the fact that she can spend time on the lake.
Lake Sky Water
Melissa was a busy weaver this year, she loves to make towels to share with friends and family.
She used a stash of 10/2 cotton to create this yardage of handwoven towels. Her inspiration for colors came from a snap shot of her grandchildren on the beach. She used a variation of  '8 Shaft Patterns' from Carol Sticklers book by the same name. Pages 19- 24  sett at 24 ends per inch with 10/2 cotton.
The towels need to be cut apart and finished but the patterns and colors are beautiful.

towels and more towels
inspiration photo

Mary likes to challenge herself with patterns from Handwoven Magazine. This pattern is for the Frank Lloyd Wright Scarf in the March/April 2011 issue. Pg. 48.
She used Rayon Boucle, Rayon Slub and various Rayon or linen from her stash. Set at 48 ends per inch this is a double warp piece woven with 60/2 silk. Once the warp is on the loom, the weaving is rather simple, with just changing which of the two warps are in front when throwing the shuttle.

Mary's FLW scarf adaption

Laura did a fiber piece with snow dyed fabric called 'Snow Birches'.
Free motion quilting, embroidery stitches, beading and cut out applique were the techniques she used.
her inspiration came from, a British print maker, Angie Lewin's book.

Laura with 'Snow Birches'
Print making book
Close up of' 'Snow Birches'

Dawn with a smile on her face got her inspiration from a photo of Mortica, Since she likes to use locs of wool with her hand spun yarn she created an amazing cowl for the BB show.


Carol's focus has been on vessels this year and here she is using T-shirts to crochet this lovely piece.  
Kathie wove a runner on a white warp with her natural dyed fibers.
Her love of fall colors and the yarns from the natural dye workshop created this stunning runner that is now displayed on her dinning room table. All this was done on her 4 shaft loom.

Karen created a shawl with Lion Brand Acrylic knitting yarn. This lovely piece was woven on a 27 inch rigid heddle loom. She used 3 balls of yarn for this on a  warp with the same yarn. We really liked the way the multi color yarn intersected in the weave.
tabby shawl multi color yarn.
close up of shawl

Marilyn chose to weave a rug using a very soft Chenille like 'Bernet Blanket Brights'. This created a soft plush rug that could be used as a camping bed also. She wove this on a cotton rug warp in tabby.


John did a weaving using the colors from his coleus plant. He chose a white warp to create a wall hanging with a pastel effect. Trying out a number of weave patterns including Leno. He also considered a black warp but we all agreed that the pastel effect was great for the Coleus coloring.

Coleus colors
John's Wall hanging
Anita has been doing a lot of embroidery to embellish her needle cases. She not only finished one for herself but also for a friend. These are so lovely it was suggested she use them as wall hangings.

Anita with embroidered wool
Close up of Anita's work
Coming in via the email from Karen T including the comment!
The basket features eco printed birch bark! I really need to experiment with this technique and plan to teach a class at Northhouse Folk School this October, where I will bring eco printed bark to use, and hopefully will have a demo on printing it! for our guild.
Eco print birch bark
in progress basket by Karen

Thanks to all that participated in our Buellwood Best 2019.
I think we decided to make our 2020 Buellwood Best a 'One Foot Piece of Art'. But I will keep you posted if there are other requirements.

Our next meeting will be June 17th at Gloria Dei Church in Hancock , MI at noon.
 Poppy has the day off and will do a presentation on willow collecting and creations.