Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Holiday Luncheon and Dirty Santa Exchange

Karen's birch stars and bell ornaments
Our Holiday Luncheon was well attended at the Kangas Cafe on December 17th we had a nice attendance and fun show and tell. 

Everyone has been busy with their fiber art creations and as busy as the season can be there were a lot of finished projects.
Kathie showed her completed woven placemats in a rosepath twill pattern with lovely colors.

another woven rug by Phyllis
Phyllis with wool and cotton mat

 Phyllis has been busy weaving this fall and her show and tell matched her outfit for the day. I was not surprised!  She had a mat woven fat wool from Mexico and Finnish cotton tape. Her rugs were woven with various fibers including Organic cotton Bamboo and wool.
large woven rug by Phyllis

Maddie has finished her needle case she started at our fall retreat and she was really enjoying the hand embellishing of her case. So cute with a woolly caterpillar, a spider and web. A very creative case for sure. She also made a scissor holder and needle sharpener sewing aid for her daughter with her daughters hair in the sharpening heart. She read hair was used to sharpen needles in history.
Do you see the woolly Caterpillar and the spider?
Sewing aid

itzy bitzy spider and web
Karen has been creating her birch bark ornaments and jewelry and now is Eco printing on Birch Bark she has used Iron oxide dipped leaves and pressed them into the sheet of Birch Bark. She also shared with us the cards her daughter created with block printed images that the blocks were made with a 3-D printer a collaboration with a friend. The name tags were tea dyed and hand lettered.

Abby's block printed cards

Eco print on birch bark
birch bark ornaments

tea dyed tags
Anita in her regular shopping trips to the resale stores found a Kumihimo Disc and now is heading for a new adventure into the art of Kumihimo braiding
She has many samples and the two red ones show the difference of using two blacks and two reds versus one red and one black in the outcome of the braids.

And of course weaving sticks???? who knew these existed! The things you can find for a dollar or two at the resale shop. These even came with directions.
weaving sticks
Dawn brought in a number of her knit and felted hats that needed homes. They all found homes and smiles in a matter of minutes.  For show and tell she shared a hand spun and knit hat she just finished.

Dawn's funky hats and the lucky recipients
Dawn's handspun hat
Gini Brewer a guest at our meeting has been designing knit socks to wear with flip flops... Wow these are a challenge....better than knitting all the toes I think.

John has another transparency woven piece that he shared. A lovely piece to hang in a window. Along with the woven silk scarves he finished on his 8 shaft loom. Someone is lucky to get one of these beautiful scarves. Unfortunately they were not in the dirty Santa exchange! I am still unsure why they look so different.  I believe they are the same warp and weft. John found the pattern in a book and did a good job of setting up the warp to create it. Could this be a Danish Medallion pattern?
8 shaft woven scarf A

8 shaft woven scarf B

 Debra showed up with daughter Rena, what a treat to see these two lovely ladies. Rena was busy knitting. 

The Dirty Santa Exchange was a fun we all got something wonderful to bring home. Except the recipient of the chickens laying eggs, half way out. Some stealing of opened gifts occurred but we are all still friends. I think?


Our next meeting is January 21st at Gloria Dei Church in Hancock at noon.you are welcome to join us and bring your lunch and how and tell. We will have a short presentation on Rigid heddle looms and a brief meeting.  Check out our 2019 presentation schedule above on this blog.

MLH and Midwest Weavers Conferences are open to registration this month for the June Conferences  MLH is in Holland MI May 30-June 2, 2019 and Midwest Weavers is in Grinnell IA June 20-22. Both are great Conferences for 3 days or the whole week.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Bobbin Lace - Hands ON with Anita

Eco Dye on Paper
Felting and Painting on Wool and Silk

Felted on Silk and Wool vs Eco dyed on Watercolor paper. I am having a hard time deciding which is more beautiful.

While Phyllis attended a felting class in Minneapolis with Jorie Johnson Dawn has been experimenting with Eco printing on Watercolor paper at home. Both had beautiful results to bring for our Show and Tell.

 Both were very excited about the results of their art. Dawn layered her individual sheets of paper with leaves, etc dipped in iron water placed the pile between two pieces of glass and steamed them for 2 hours.
The larger pieces were rolled up in a bundle and steamed.

Phyllis used silk and wool to create a light surface on which she used ink and paint to embellish. She also felted colored wool on the surface and felted in the Jorie Johnson's traditional rolled fashion.

Karen showed her finished purse with a matching check book cover. She used cross knit looping on the edges of the these items. Lovely fiber work from this talented non traditional basket weaver. She also announced she entered her baskets in the Northern Exposure Art 2018 show at the Bonifas Art Center in Escanaba, she received at least 5 awards. Four are featured artist awards and one an Artist Network Award which if for Art Supplies. Check out the show news. http://www.ironmountaindailynews.com/lifestyles/life/2018/11/northern-exposure-xxv-winners-announced/
Congrats to Karen for her fine work.
Happy Mittens and headband
soft mohair wool and silk hat

Mary wove 4 towels with her favorite Huck-lace Pattern for a friend but they are on the way to California. She is also knitting to use up hand spun yarn and made these Happy Mittens with a wool/silk blend of fiber and used wool fleece to make them even warmer on the inside.

Laura liked the needle case pattern we made at the retreat she sent us a picture of her new Black and White version.
needle case cover
 Jay is a new member and he has a loom but he also sews. He brought in a Bush Craft pullover he made out of reclaimed wool blankets.
Jay with his Bush Craft pullover
Anita found some more interesting vintage fiber work at the local resale shop. This one is a pillow cover dated 1926 with some finished silk embroidery. She also brought in a cordage maker or Lucet.
 A lucet is a tool used in cordmaking or braiding which is believed to date back to the Viking[1] and Medieval[2] periods, when it was used to create cords that were used on clothing,[1] or to hang items from the belt.[3] Lucet cord is square, strong, and slightly springy. It closely resembles knitted I-cord or the cord produced on a knitting spool. Lucet cord is formed by a series of loop like knots, and therefore will not unravel if cut. Unlike other braiding techniques such as kumihimo, finger-loop braiding or plaiting, where the threads are of a finite length, lucetted (or knitted) braids can be created without pre-measuring threads and so it is a technique suited for very long cords.

There was some interest in making one of these so here is the information to make your own. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/500181102336971523/?lp=true
Silk Embroidery sampler

Marilyn with her weaving all from one warp, very nice square plaids. My pictures do not do the weaving justice. Three very nice pieces.
Since I was taking notes and pictures I did not find out what the fiber was for her weaving.

Marilyn's hubby does some twinning the rugs below are his work.


Phyllis shared her samples from her felting class with Jorie Johnson in Minneapolis at the Textile Center. Some of these pieces are soybean soaked and painted with ink. She wet the fibers and rolled in bubble wrap to felt. Steams and presses then used suede gloves to remove and pills.

John has been weaving he has a lovely scarf on his loom that he shared a picture of. I am anxious to see the finished scarf as the pattern is very nice. here John has a rug he made out of old frayed towels. Which seem to make a nice thick rug out of something you would just throw away.

Anita is up next with the her hands on Bobbin Lace demonstration. We all got to try our hands at making a very small fish with some very sophisticated tools. 
Getting the hang of reading a pattern and following the direction of the bobbins was a bit challenging but we all survived with assistance from Anita when we got out of order with our passing over. The result was a teeny, tiny Fish made of colored lace. It helped to have the colors on the bobbins as if they were all white, oh my gosh! that would be a challenge.

Bobbin Lace tools
Books and patterns

My Lace making in progress note the colored threads
John and Karen giving it a try.
A lace Fish
Clare, John and Lyra say thank you to all who contributed to the gift certificate we sent in October. They are all doing fine and look forward to returning to the U.P.

Our next meeting will be a Holiday Luncheon at the Kangas Cafe at noon on December 17 th. We will play 'Dirty Santa' again so if you want to participate bring a gift to pass. Homemade, new or used and join in the fun. Lunch will be on your own. But come and join us in the party room. If not see you in January 21st at Gloria Dei weather permitting.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Buellwood Weavers and Fiber Artist Guild Fall Retreat

Felting Fun!

Fall is a beautiful time in the U.P. of Michigan. We had our Annual Fall Retreat on the shores of the ship canal in Houghton, MI a few weeks ago. The weather was cool and a bit wet this year, no problem since most of our fiber projects were inside. We all got together for two days of fiber fun. A special thank you to all our members who taught workshops and to all who attended. It would not happen without you!

a few finished projects
A few of the finished projects were an Eco Dyed scarf, dryer balls, wool embroidery, woven Rep Mug Rug, marbling on cloth and a bow woven bracelet. We limited the workshops this year as it was a bit busy last year.

Saturday AM Karen presented a workshop ' Bow woven beaded bracelet'
It was met with great enthusiasm, and quite successful.This was a fun fast project after adding 100 beads to each side of the bow we wove the center adding one bead on each side.The finished bracelet wrapped around our wrists twice. It made a lovely bracelet.
Extra light was needed for our bow weaving

Bow weaving set up
finished bracelets

 Saturday PM, after a hearty lunch provided by our attendees. Dawn took over and showed us how to Eco Dye a Scarf. Dawn collected many, many bags of plant material for us to experiment with. Of course it is hard to use only a few of the many materials provided so we all had quite colorful scarves as a result.
Dawn introduced us to all the plant materials

rolling up our scarves
steaming our scarves

finished scarves drying

Dawn demo's making dryer balls

While the scarves were steaming we made 'dryer balls', also presented by Dawn. It was a fun, friendly experience. We had colorful dryer balls to bring home. Many colors to choose from and the dye did not come out in my laundry.
Dryer ball samples
pretty busy here with those dryer balls
Lovely Hemp Towels

Punch Needle Art

Melissa spends her summer in the U.P. and this summer she made hand towels.
Lots of hand towels and some out of Hemp that she bought on a trip over seas.

Melissa is also is a master of Punch Needle which she has made many ornaments for herself and family.
Melissa handwoven towels, just a few.

Later Saturday afternoon we had a slide presentation by Mary of her Cruise to Norway aboard the Viking Sea. Now a regular event to share slides form our guild members who travel.

 As we had a long detour to get to the Marsin House because of the Father's Day Flood that took out the road to the retreat house, we decided to not venture into Houghton and drive back out in the dark. A few of us spent the night and finished up our projects or spent time spinning and weaving.
Poppy wove a mug rug as did Karen and neither of them have woven on a loom. I was very happy for them to give this a try.  They both finished a mug rug and actually were quite satisfied about it.

Guild loom dressed for Rep Weave Mug Rugs
Laura Spinning

Karen weaving - a very new weaver but she stuck with it
 Sunday AM - Laura presented a workshop in Wool Embroidery. She had some beautiful samples to
show and a wonderful needle holder project for those interested.
Laura's sampler
It was a hit. With many choices of fabric to use for our embellishments on the needle case everyone dove in and selected the colors and wool fabric to use for their very own project. Lori joined us again this year from Seattle she was visiting her sister and had such a great time last year she planned her visit again to attend. Laura had a large variety of threads, beads and buttons to use as embellishment on the wool.

selecting our wool from the piles of  fabric available
Needle case cover
Lori came from Seattle to join us
the inside of our needle cases
At the right is our needle case with colored wool and buttons ready to be sewn down on the wool case.
Laura even brought label material for our inside of the wool cases. A very clever and complete project.

Anita is our resident Lace Maker and she was able to show us a little about her lace making supplies and techniques. Anita will do a more complete demo at our next guild meeting on November 12th
It is a time consuming and precise craft and created a lot of interest. 
Lace making supplies
the lace maker pillow
a brief demo by Anita

Sunday PM After another hearty lunch and a short meeting where we selected officers for our Guild and chose some topics for the 2018-19 Guild meetings. We were presented a workshop by John on 'Marbling on Fabric'. The process was quick and interesting. Definitely a first for me.

John showing the first marbled cloth

We used cotton fabric and droppers of acrylic paint that floated on top of the water. We then dipped the cotton fabric along the surface to dye our cloth.
clothes line once the rain stopped to dry our Marbled Art
Samples drying on the table

Although we were all tired and busy with lots of projects we had a friendly learning and sharing get together and I am sure there will be another Fall Retreat in 2019. 

Our next guild meeting will be November 12th at noon at Gloria Dei Church in Hancock.
bring your show and tell, lunch and come join us. 
Anita is going to have a lace making demo for us to try.

Our Guild was asked to Demonstrate at the 'Art Affair' in Houghton MI again this year. 
it will be held Saturday November 10th at the Houghton High School 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Guild members are asked to contact Kathie Joyce if you can fill in a few hours to help out. 
We will have a loom and a spinning wheel for those interested in giving a demo or trying there hand  at Spinning our weaving. Stop by and join us if you are out.

 Mark your calender's 2019 Nalbinding workshop with Donna Kallner July 12, 2019 for our guild members a reduced cost is available. Space is limited to 12.