Monday, November 11, 2019

Object for inspirartion for Buellwood Weavers and Fiber Artist guild

What a great meeting we had in October Lynn suggested we bring in a picture or an object of inspiration: this is what happened.

But first! show and tell

Marilyn basket for spinning wheel
Marilyn's first spun yarn
Jon basket out of maple
Marilyn and husband Jon ( our newest member of the guild) are a very creative couple. Marilyn is a weaver and now a new spinner. We tried to help her get the hang of spinning at the retreat, we decided to meet an hour early for our guild meetings to work on some Spinning before noon.

Jon is interested in Basket weaving and fashioned this basket out of Maple. Getting the maple this thin was a challenge but it seems to have worked.

Clare is back in Houghton with baby Lyra she knit a sweater for Lyra but it did not fit over her head. Clare found a way to make the pullover sweater a cardigan! So now Lyra has a hand knit sweater from her mom. Clare used the sewing machine to stitch two or more rows down the front of the sweater to secure it from unraveling. She then cut it open and crocheted a row on each side then knit the button ban

added this button band to Lyra's sweater

Finnish boots from workshop

Dawn took this boot class at Finlandia to make Lepicas leather boots. the language barrier was a challenge but the results is a beautiful pair of boots. She also made this beautiful knit shawl. I am sure this is with yarn she dyed from natural plants. 

boots blocks
Dawn's knit shawl
Hurricane knit hat

 Karen L found this pattern for knit hat from Raverly. It is called the Hurricane Hat.


Phyllis knit this wall hanging with some beautiful colors. Sorry but I did miss the description from her show and tell.

Phyllis's knit project

Karen T  brought in her birch ornaments and Jewelry she will be selling at local shows this fall. Some really cute new acorn ornaments also. The mug holders are a new design that she is willing to teach our guild members. We are all excited about this adventure.

She has been having some wonderful results dyeing with indigo and other plants from her garden. Her Eco print scarves turned out beautiful and when I saw her at the Art Affair show November 9th she only had one left to sell. Her colors were very intense. all from her indigo she grew in her garden.

another beautiful basket by Karen

scarf on left is indigo dyed after Eco dyed on right
how about these colors, and star shape is a geranium leaf

left is indigo dyed first then Eco dyed with Iron on both

I love this design pattern with geranium leaves and onion skins

John's Eco dyed prints
Mary showed samples of our Eco dyeing and block printing at our September retreat. She may use some of these for Christmas cards or presents.  

John framed his Eco dyed paper which is a great idea too.

Mary's block printed cards and birch bark
Jimalee harvested birch bark and made Birch Tar I believe to oil boots and make homemade soap.
she also shared a movie title she recommends  'Happy People'. 

The group brought in their tablet weaving results from the Buellwood Fall Retreat. I think this was a very positive weaving adventure for all of the weavers and non weavers also.

Our tablet weaving samples had some beautiful results.

 Objects of our Inspiration:

Lynn the leader of this presentation suggested we each bring in a object or picture of something that inspires us. This was a very interesting discussion.

Lynn's inspiration was is the artist Emery Blagdon and the movie and book 'Bee Season'  where a young girl sees letters in her head when her eyes are closed.
She encouraged us to think in a way we do not ordinarily think.

Lois is inspired by Trees, tracks in the snow, clouds, leaves in general our natural surroundings.

John is inspired by a meditation shawl he brought in to show and I believe he plans to weave one.

John's meditation shawl
Marilyn and Jon both work by the seat of their pants or as they put it work on whatever comes up at the moment.

Mary is sometimes inspired by Art shows this inspiration is a Quilt show at the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay. it is a group of Quilters who call themselves the 'Women Who Run with Scissors'. it was quite an inspiring collection but what they really did was a challenge Quilt of modern day artists in an Old Maid Card fashion.

Karen T likes to walk the beach for found treasures as her inspirations. here are some of her findings. Wire, junk, acorns (inspired her ornaments or necklaces) even horse chestnuts.

Dawn also collects stuff and has a stockpile so she can inspire others to do art.

Phyllis's object is "Beauty" a hand hooked rug by June Muckelbauer
Phyllis loves the primitive graphics of this piece and loves the spectacular colors used.

Jimelee said her mother is her inspiration. 

Anita is inspired to change her bedroom into her studio...which is overloaded and needs more space. 

Thank you all for sharing your inspirations.

Remember if you want to join us an hour before our next guild meeting for a little spinning time. A couple of us are planning on arriving at 11 am to spin November 18 th. Of course that is weather permitting since we have this early snow challenging us right now. 
See you then. 

Next meeting is noon on November 18th with a presentation by Laura Seiders on knitted lace and lace making after our show and tell. 

*Mark December 16 th for our annual Holiday Luncheon at Kangas Cafe if you want to be part of the *Dirty Santa Exchange (it is not Mandatory) bring a handmade gift wrapped creatively to participate.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Buellwood Fall Retreat September 2019

Buellwood Fall Retreat September 21-22, 2019

We had another successful fall retreat at the Marsin Retreat House in Houghton, MI.
Some of us found a bunk in the house and others chose to camp out in tents and listen to the sea planes taking off and landing on the ship canal and were pleasantly awakened by the ducks.

Early Saturday morning our guild members began arriving with supplies for our workshops and food. We always do a pot luck and so far our luck has been good and we have not had all desserts. We have talented cooks in this group and we have an array of healthy items to choose from. Thankfully some not so healthy choices too.
Saturday am the coffee is on and Marilyn treated us to bacon and French toast with real maple syrup.

 ECO DYE workshop Saturday AM.

Plant materials gathered by Dawn
Dawn demonstrated the quick dye method
Dawn arrived early with her array of natural plant materials. Her steaming pots and all the pre mordant paper for our workshop.
By nine am the local members started arriving and we are all excited to try our hand at natural ECO dyed cards.

This year we had a great turn out 17 attended our guild retreat of which 3 are new members. A hardy welcome to our new members for $25 membership fee they were able to join us for this array of workshops and join us for our usual meetings the third Monday each month at Gloria Dei Church in Hancock, Mi.  We have a variety of presentations planned this year. Check out the schedule above under the topics heading.

plant material arranged on paper
two piles of paper and plant material to be steamed or

paper and plant material pressed between tiles
finished ECO dyed card
removing plant material after steaming
We all had two piles of 12 pre mordant paper in which we selected various plant materials from the beautiful table Dawn had prepared with items from her garden in Calumet. We arranged the materials how we wanted and placed another paper on top with more plant material until all twelve papers were used up. We then placed the pile on a ceramic tile and pressed it between the second tile which we tightly tied to secure it in the steamer. We each placed our name on a tie, important to help recognize the correct tile sandwich. Since we would like to know we actually made these beautiful cards. We had Madder powder and Iron water dips to assist the imprints from some of the leaves on the paper. 

Once securely tied, our tile sandwich was delivered to the steam pot. Then we waited for the hour to pass so we could open up the tile sandwich and enjoy the beauty that was inside. One tile sandwich went into the steam bath. The second one went into an immersion dye bath that contained some iron water for a different result. We then laid out the paper pieces and let them dry over night so that we could use them Sunday am for our printing.

Denise, Clare and Lynn washing off plant material
Melissa with her steamed dyed paper
Anita and Kathie cleaning their immersion dyed
papers of plant materials

Everyone had a fun and creative day with nice weather to keep us smiling. It is always fun to unwrap your masterpiece.

 After our lunch break and while we were waiting for our ECO Dyed papers to steam for an hour we had our next Workshop presented by Marilyn. 

Introduction to Tablet Weaving
Marilyn came prepared with a couple of tablet weaving patterns for us to choose from. She collected a number of inkle looms, vice clamps, and a tablet loom from members. 10/2 cotton yarn and various other weight yarns for us to try out. Warping the tablet loom took most of the time but since we had open time in the evening and Sunday afternoon a lot was accomplished and projects were well on the way to completion at the end of the retreat.
Even wool worked on this loom
very fine cotton yarn was uesd  here

black and white really popped with this pattern

Phyllis relaxed and enjoying weaving
Carving our Design for Block Printing
which was presented by Lynn

We each transferred our design on a piece of rubber. Lynn gave us some tips on what kind of design to use and how to use the the carving tools. We used speed ball linoleum cutters and eraser like blocks for our very first carved design.

Everyone was quiet and busy working all afternoon as we had two projects that required some concentration. It was amazing how quickly the group got into these two mediums and progressed quickly to having a completed design to print and a woven project to finish at home.

Lynn showing the group some tips for a successful print block
block samples

Poppy and Melissa work on their blocks
Kathie and Anita carving their blocks

Plying demo
Phyllis arrived with her nalbinding hat.

In the evening we had a slide presentation by Phyllis from her visit to Finland. Thank you Phyllis for sharing these beautiful pictures and a brief tour of Finland and Finnish art with us.

We also worked on our projects from Saturday aka the tablet weaving! and some of us did a little spinning and tried to share our knowledge of spinning with non spinners in the group.

Early to bed so we can be fresh for Sunday's lineup.

Sunday AM Lynn presented a workshop on 

Block Printing 
With our beautiful printing blocks completed Lynn showed us how to apply paint to the blocks and practice on a group sheet of paper seen here below. Everyone was happy with the really great print designs they created. Lots of ideas came out of this project and some are going to make books with their papers or maybe use them as cards to send out. One suggestion was to embellish the Eco Dyed cards with stitching. I like that idea of 'Slow Stitching'.
test prints from our blocks
Lynn shows us how to apply the paint
Sample of a carved block
Anita and Maddie printing with their blocks
printed samples on paper and on Immersion dyed Eco Printed samples

 Show and Tell:

Melissa's punch needle projects

Melissa's punch needle work
Finally we had some great samples for a brief show and tell. Melissa brought in her punch needle samples. She has really been busy with these and expanding her projects from ornaments to pillows and purses.
She also had her 'Alternative Weaving Materials' projects from MLH  2018. But I did not get the pictures of these lovely wire and fish line woven pieces she created.

And how about this find 'a basket with a place to hold your yarn spools'. I really want one of these baskets.

great basket Poppy? can we make these?

 Phyllis shared her nalbinding hat (seen in picture above) and this tablet weaving loom made of clamps. We even had a table of free and forgotten items to share.
Tablet or Card weaving loom
Simple Card or Tablet loom

Coming this Fall in Hancock

We concluded our Sunday with a Guild meeting which we talked about the upcoming year. What we want to focus on and suggestions for meeting presentations. Our 'Buellwood Best' always a May presentation was suggested to be a 'Vessel' created out any fiber you wish. Think about keeping it in a 12 inch by 12 inch cube.

Our next meeting in Monday October 21st. at noon at Gloria Dei church in Hancock MI.  Bring your retreat projects for show and tell and something that inspires you to create.

See 'Topics for Meetings' above on this page for our schedule for 2019-2020.