Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Buellwood Weavers and Fiber Artist Guild Fall Retreat

Felting Fun!

Fall is a beautiful time in the U.P. of Michigan. We had our Annual Fall Retreat on the shores of the ship canal in Houghton, MI a few weeks ago. The weather was cool and a bit wet this year, no problem since most of our fiber projects were inside. We all got together for two days of fiber fun. A special thank you to all our members who taught workshops and to all who attended. It would not happen without you!

a few finished projects
A few of the finished projects were an Eco Dyed scarf, dryer balls, wool embroidery, woven Rep Mug Rug, marbling on cloth and a bow woven bracelet. We limited the workshops this year as it was a bit busy last year.

Saturday AM Karen presented a workshop ' Bow woven beaded bracelet'
It was met with great enthusiasm, and quite successful.This was a fun fast project after adding 100 beads to each side of the bow we wove the center adding one bead on each side.The finished bracelet wrapped around our wrists twice. It made a lovely bracelet.
Extra light was needed for our bow weaving

Bow weaving set up
finished bracelets

 Saturday PM, after a hearty lunch provided by our attendees. Dawn took over and showed us how to Eco Dye a Scarf. Dawn collected many, many bags of plant material for us to experiment with. Of course it is hard to use only a few of the many materials provided so we all had quite colorful scarves as a result.
Dawn introduced us to all the plant materials

rolling up our scarves
steaming our scarves

finished scarves drying

Dawn demo's making dryer balls

While the scarves were steaming we made 'dryer balls', also presented by Dawn. It was a fun, friendly experience. We had colorful dryer balls to bring home. Many colors to choose from and the dye did not come out in my laundry.
Dryer ball samples
pretty busy here with those dryer balls
Lovely Hemp Towels

Punch Needle Art

Melissa spends her summer in the U.P. and this summer she made hand towels.
Lots of hand towels and some out of Hemp that she bought on a trip over seas.

Melissa is also is a master of Punch Needle which she has made many ornaments for herself and family.
Melissa handwoven towels, just a few.

Later Saturday afternoon we had a slide presentation by Mary of her Cruise to Norway aboard the Viking Sea. Now a regular event to share slides form our guild members who travel.

 As we had a long detour to get to the Marsin House because of the Father's Day Flood that took out the road to the retreat house, we decided to not venture into Houghton and drive back out in the dark. A few of us spent the night and finished up our projects or spent time spinning and weaving.
Poppy wove a mug rug as did Karen and neither of them have woven on a loom. I was very happy for them to give this a try.  They both finished a mug rug and actually were quite satisfied about it.

Guild loom dressed for Rep Weave Mug Rugs
Laura Spinning

Karen weaving - a very new weaver but she stuck with it
 Sunday AM - Laura presented a workshop in Wool Embroidery. She had some beautiful samples to
show and a wonderful needle holder project for those interested.
Laura's sampler
It was a hit. With many choices of fabric to use for our embellishments on the needle case everyone dove in and selected the colors and wool fabric to use for their very own project. Lori joined us again this year from Seattle she was visiting her sister and had such a great time last year she planned her visit again to attend. Laura had a large variety of threads, beads and buttons to use as embellishment on the wool.

selecting our wool from the piles of  fabric available
Needle case cover
Lori came from Seattle to join us
the inside of our needle cases
At the right is our needle case with colored wool and buttons ready to be sewn down on the wool case.
Laura even brought label material for our inside of the wool cases. A very clever and complete project.

Anita is our resident Lace Maker and she was able to show us a little about her lace making supplies and techniques. Anita will do a more complete demo at our next guild meeting on November 12th
It is a time consuming and precise craft and created a lot of interest. 
Lace making supplies
the lace maker pillow
a brief demo by Anita

Sunday PM After another hearty lunch and a short meeting where we selected officers for our Guild and chose some topics for the 2018-19 Guild meetings. We were presented a workshop by John on 'Marbling on Fabric'. The process was quick and interesting. Definitely a first for me.

John showing the first marbled cloth

We used cotton fabric and droppers of acrylic paint that floated on top of the water. We then dipped the cotton fabric along the surface to dye our cloth.
clothes line once the rain stopped to dry our Marbled Art
Samples drying on the table

Although we were all tired and busy with lots of projects we had a friendly learning and sharing get together and I am sure there will be another Fall Retreat in 2019. 

Our next guild meeting will be November 12th at noon at Gloria Dei Church in Hancock.
bring your show and tell, lunch and come join us. 
Anita is going to have a lace making demo for us to try.

Our Guild was asked to Demonstrate at the 'Art Affair' in Houghton MI again this year. 
it will be held Saturday November 10th at the Houghton High School 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Guild members are asked to contact Kathie Joyce if you can fill in a few hours to help out. 
We will have a loom and a spinning wheel for those interested in giving a demo or trying there hand  at Spinning our weaving. Stop by and join us if you are out.

 Mark your calender's 2019 Nalbinding workshop with Donna Kallner July 12, 2019 for our guild members a reduced cost is available. Space is limited to 12.

Monday, October 1, 2018

September Warping a floor loom Tips and Tricks

We meet on September 17th at Gloria Die Church in Hancock Michigan we shared our show and tell, planned our retreat for October 13 and 14th at the Marsin Retreat House on Canal Road (See below for our Retreat Schedule), we will also be looking for help at the Art Affair booth we have agreed to have.
Let Kathie Joyce know if you can help out with a few hour on Saturday November 10th.

Then we had a demonstration on warping a floor loom.  Two of our guild members have recently purchased looms and many of the others were interested in the warping with weights, that I have been using since I took a class with Kati Reeder Meek.

Show and Tell

Kathie purchased a P Tijen loom that she is excited about. She found it at the Sheep and Wool festival for about $40. I think it looks like a tapestry loom but can also be used for sampling weaving colors and yarns.

Karen was teaching at North House Folk school in August and meet Beth Homa Kraus who taught a class on Birch Bark Purse construction. Karen will be teaching a basket class next summer at the Porkies Folk School in August 2019 the17 or 18. She will also be teaching a class in 'Bow Bead weaving' at our retreat on October 13 at 9 am. Please let Karen know if you are interested so she will have ample supplies.

Beth Homa Kraus Birch Bark Purse
Karen Woven Basket Class August 2019 Porkies Folk School

 Dawn spent some of July and August hiking many trails in Alaska. Having lived in Alaska  in the past she visited areas and people she knew when she lived there. She came home with Qiviut or Musk Ox, from Palmer and Cashmere goat fiber. Two lovely bags of soft fiber for her to play with.

Cashmere Goat fleece
Qiviut fleece

Dawn shared with us her plans for her Retreat workshop which will be on Saturday afternoon, after our incredible lunch feast and guild planning , about 1:30 to 2:00 pm. This is water color paper dyed with flowers and leaves then rolled up and steamed. I believe we will be doing Silk Scarves at the retreat. A small fee will be charged for the Silk Scarves.

Eco dyed sample on watercolor paper
Dawn has a new loom and she is starting with a simple woven tabby towel. But she has plans to get into garment construction and she found an wonderful book by Anita Luvera Mayer.

Anita brought in thrift store books she found and some paintings she did with cotton washcloth yarn and Acrylic paint. I believe she called it Duty Pour. She also brought in a new fiber person Jay a Yooper who has returned to his homeland. He is interested in many fiber related arts and was wowed by our warping demo. Welcome Jay I hope you will bring in your handmade garment to our next meeting.
We also were joined by Cheryl who is a new student at Finlandia. Welcome Cheryl.

Duty pouring art

welcome Jay!

Warping notes for those who were at our demo

I believe that the more you warp the loom the better you get at it. Therefore only put on 5 - 7 yards or less each time you warp. Then too you do not get tired of weaving the same pattern over and over.

I learned to warp front to back many years ago. But I have found back to front works much better for me. I like that the warp only goes through the heddles or reed only once. I also like to use weights when winding on the warp to the back beam. This means I do not have to ask my husband to assist. Yeah!!!! 
I now also leave my lee sticks In the warp when weaving to maintain a good tension.
warp wound on loom with raddle and lee sticks in place

Dawn took her loom home and hopes to find time to finish treading the heddles then we will finish warping her loom at her home.

water bottle weights my secret to warping a loom with out help.
warping can be back breaking at times

treading the heddles... a slow job with 480 threads.






Donna Kallner Workshop July 15th 2019   save the date

Nalbinding from the round start. Guild will subsidize some cost of this workshop.

Nalbinding From A Round Start -- 7 hours
In the vast family of looping techniques, the branch known as nalbinding is generally associated with making warm, wooly wearables. In these stitched structures, the entire working thread passes through on each stitch. The structure is so stable they can't unravel, making them perfect for winter work and play. In this introduction to nalbinding, you'll learn to work Oslo stitch using your thumb as a gauge, learn a round start which can be used to make bags, hats and mats, and learn to increase, decrease, chain, and make things without having to follow a pattern. Class includes discussion about using handspun yarn in nalbinding. You will not complete a project in this class, but will leave with the confidence to start and finish one on your own. All levels welcome. Materials provided include mill-spun and handspun wool yarns, wooden nalbinding needle, instructor-made starts for sampling, and handouts. Bring embroidery scissors, the eyeglasses you use for close work, a personal task lamp (optional) and a sack lunch. Let Mary know if you are interested Minimum 8 students Maximum 12.
Donna Kallner class on Nalbinding from the round start.

Buellwood 4 th annual Fall Retreat

October 13 and 14th at the Marsin House Retreat Center on Canal Road - turn at and follow the Yellow Brick Road or was it the Red Brick road. Allow a little extra time as the road is out at Oscar and you need to take a detour. workshops start at 9:00 am and 1:30 pm both days. 9:00 am- 5:00 pm
**Pot luck lunch with one dish from each of us for both days will be great. We are charging a small fee for some of the workshops. I believe $5, I have heard for supplies. Public is welcome to participate for the slight fee of $25 membership to join our guild. WE may have weaving and fiber equipment for sale also.
Saturday night  'Into the Midnight Sun' Mary will share her slides from a Cruise to Scotland and Norway in June 2018 after dinner, for those who are interested.

Workshop Schedule for Fall Retreat
Saturday 13th  AM Bow Bead Weaving with Karen, PM Dryer Balls and Eco Dyeing with Dawn.
Sunday 14th AM Needlework on wool with Laura, PM Marbling dye on cloth with John.
try your hand at Rep Weave make a rug mug or two if you like-all day both days.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

August Blue Dye Day at Dawn's

Dawn's garden is beautiful and her front yard is full of flowers. These pictures were sent to me, by Melissa, as I sadly missed the dye day in August. 

Dawn had some fun at our August meeting with some guild members and dyer's Knotweed.
They also had some fresh woad and true indigo to play with. They smashed fresh leaves into various silk pieces, pureed leaves and dipped, also they tied the fabric with string and rubber bands. It was so magical to take the green leaves, crush them in some way then watch the blue color develop .
Dawn smashing some leaves for the dye

Dawn's amazing garden

Our next guild meeting will be Monday September 17th at Gloria Dei Church in Hancock Michigan, We meet at noon with Show and Tell session then we will learn to warp a floor loom. this will be my way of warping back to front with the aide of weights so that you can wind the warp alone. Beginners; If you want to learn one method of warping a loom this is the meeting to attend.

Also remember we will be having our annual Guild Retreat October 13 and 14th at the Marsin Retreat Center on Red Brick Road. We have a number or workshops set up for your enjoyment. John will provide a list of the planned workshops on Saturday and Sunday 9-5pm then Saturday night I will share some slides from my Norway Cruise in June.
Please bring a dish to pass and your guild dues of $25. Non members are invited to attend for the cost of joining our guild. we will also be planning our guild meeting schedule for 2018-2019, so please bring ideas of what you are interested in learning and\or willing to present for the guild.