Wednesday, May 8, 2019

April 2019 Buellwood meeting a taste of Surface Design

We meet in April to explore what the students from Phyllis's Spring surface design class had done this semester.

But first we had our usual great show and tell 
from the guild members.

Karen has been very busy with preparing for some classes in San Diego and Stowe Vermont. she also had 3 upcoming shows the first one will be in Curtis MI from June until September, 2019. Then onto Suite Saint Marie in October, and March in Marquette MI. Keep an eye out for exact dates of these exhibits. Also she will be in the MBO show in Bowling Green Ohio. Karen will be teaching at the Porkies on August16th and September 5-8 at Siever's Fiber Arts School on Washington Island, WI.

Karen basket sample 1
Karen basket sample 2
Karen basket sample 3

Join her for one of her wonderful classes and check out Poppy's two classes at the Porkies Folk School that same weekend.

A new design for Karen

We have a great lineup for 2019 at Porcupine Mountain State Park near Silver City MI. Check out Karen and Poppy's classes as well as the Artist in Residence program which has a fiber artist this year. Martha Kotter, Textiles, Columbus, Ohio. Textiles (August 19 - September 1, 2019) Presentation August 29. This is a free presentation by the Artist in Residence.

Donna Kallner will be teaching Nalbinding at the Porkies July 13 and 14th,
and Debbie Jircik will do an Eco dye class August 9th.
These and other fiber Events will be offered this year at the Porkies Folk School.

Karen also has been working on her Needle case in her spare time. I am sure she has little spare time right now, but it looks like her needle case will be done before mine.

Karen's needle case is progressing

Anita our persistent resale shopper found another treasure. This one is called Speed O Loom by Lily. As you can see by the smile Anita was very happy with her find. The group also was anxious to try to assemble the loom and see that it is very sturdy and quite large.

Delight with her find.
woven sample that she found

John and Phyllis had to assemble this treasure.

Marilyn is trying her hand at Tablet or Card Weaving. I am amazed at her and others interest in trying out, on their own, a new weaving technique. With the help of U tube it has made this very easy--for some! What a nice job Marilyn and this is quite a complicated pattern.

Mary wanted to show the group a tapestry she did long ago as an Art Education Project on a cardboard loom, it was a fun experiment and has lasted a long time hung over her loom.

Dawn brought in samples of fiber dyed with Alder Catkins with a Alum mordant. The dark one was mordant with iron for an iron/tannin interaction.

Phyllis announced the student shows that are now up at Finnish American Heritage center. 
ISAD Bachelor of Fine Arts Diploma Works exhibition
May 4 to May 29, 2019

Our program was an excellent display of dyed fabrics presented by Lynn Anderson and Miriam Pickens who are both attending Phyllis's Spring Surface Design class. I was busy taking notes and pictures so I hope I got these samples correctly labeled.

What we Saw:
Gold fabric below, samples of Immersion dye where you just let it be - On the left and on the right
Shibori Technique clamped with clothes pins. Both are dyed with onion skins
White Damask fabric stitched and dyed Shibori
onion skin dyed full Emerson and clamped with clothes pins
The Pink fabric above is an example of Low Water dye which the fabric is scrunched up and placed in a tight bowl and dye poured onto the fabric. 

Block Printing
Miriam's Handsome Hairy Woodpecker-Block printed movement was the goal not accuracy.

block Printed
Lynn's black and orange block printed


I believe the rust color is screen printed and the white is a stencil with paint.
Stencil vs screen printed

Screen Printing

screen printed printed on blue cloth.
Batik wax resist is very transparent
Batik by Maona


Cyanotype using photo sensitive treated fabric which is placed in light box and an object or a stencil are placed on top. then exposed to light.
Cyanotype treated photo sensitive material
Natural Dyes

avocado pit dyed
 Snow Dyed
 snow dyed with dry dye materials
Below are some more samples Lynn talked about during the presentation. We liked the block printing results and Lynn agreed to do a workshop at our retreat using block printing. This may be combined with Dawn's Eco dyed paper workshop.

Edible Resist

Miriam's dyed top.

painted and over dyed

Rust dyed
"Meeting News"
We meet and discussed the September 2019 Buellwood Retreat. Something we are all looking forward to. Save the date Sept 21 and 22 at the Marsin Retreat house in Houghton.
****I believe that this will be our 6th Retreat! as Leslie has been in New Mexico for 5 years now and she was at our first one!*****

Buellwood Best will be May 21st at Gloria Dei - Bring in your best fiber work inspired by a photo or nature.

August 19 th,  Gary Olds will be at our meeting talking about how he chooses colors and pattens for his weaving.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

March Buellwood Guild Meeting 'Bulgarian Fiber Art'

Kathie introduced our guild members to a friend of hers who offered to share her collection with local Fiber Artists.

Elena Busova generously shared her Bulgarian families fiber art. Many of the examples of table cloths were woven on very large looms with many threads per inch and then beautifully embellished by hand. The women in Bulgaria spent many hours doing their projects together not having electronics to distract them. Some of the examples were framed pictures done in very fine almost cross stitch like stitches. Elena's family treasures were appreciated and envied by all in attendance. Thank you for sharing Elena.


Thank you John for taking pictures and Kathie for the summary to share on the Guilds blog. I will be back for the April Buellwood meeting and continue taking pictures and notes to share.

Remember we will be having our 'Buellwood Best' Guild project show and tell at our May meeting. Create a Fiber Art from a nature photo inspiration. It can be any fiber art using the image or just the colors from nature.

February 18 th Guild Meeting show and tell

Unfortunately I missed this Guild meeting as I had a cold. So I sadly missed John's 'History of Weaving' presentation and the Show and tell. Thank you John for sending the pictures from the Show and tell. Although our guild meeting was not well attended the quality of the show and tell was superb.

 Anita completed two needle cases one for herself and one for her friend and fellow guild member Jay. Lovely work and such a great friend to  have. These were projects we started at our annual Fall Retreat. If you want to see more work by members of our guild they will be on display until May 4th 2019 in Hancock MI at the Copper County Community Art Center. 

 Maddie showed some booties she made for her grandson and some lovely embroidered towels.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

January Guiild meeting Warping a Rigid Heddle loom

In January despite the frigid cold temps our Guild meet at Gloria Dei Church in Hancock, MI. The travels to the meeting were cold, but we made it as no snow!!!
Our meeting started with a great show and tell. Some of the highlights were:

Kathie's needle case

Kathie finished her needle case that we all started at the fall retreat. Kathie used a piece of Persian wool to accent her case. We all agreed it was a great project for us.

She also brought in her twill weaving to show the difference she got by just changing the weft while finishing off her warp on the loom
twill weaving with same warp and different wefts

needle case close up

Anita, our resale queen, showed us what can be woven on the Weaving Sticks she found last month. While Jay refashioned his felted hat, that he got from Dawn at the Christmas luncheon.

Anita with weaving stick project
Jay wanted a hat he could wear in the house.
Rachael is taking the fiber class at Finlandia and is visiting today and we hope joining our guild. Welcome Rachael! she too likes to bargain hunt and found this bag which she added some embroidery too it.

Rachael recycled bag.
the reverse side

Dawn is our in house natural dye expert and this is a sample of her dyeing with Catkins from the alder plant. the yarn samples below were mordant with Alum and iron.

Image of catkins on alder

dyed with alder catkins and alum and iron
she also knits and felts her camel hair hat and her felted mittens. the white ones are from hand spun yarn and the brown from worsted weight. she will even share the pattern.  

knit and felted mittens
Came hair knit hat

pot holders woven on a child's loom

baby hat our of fixation yarn
Baby blanket #2

Mary has a new grand baby and of course that means knitting and weaving for the little ones. There were more but they are on the way to California.

Our Presentation this month was Warping a Rigid Heddle loom 
 presented by Marilyn and Kathie.
it is rather quick and easy to warp these looms. 
Much easier that warping a floor loom for sure if you know how to do it.

first you take a double thread through each of the slats....then cut and retread the holes with the second thread. Easy enough!

double threads through slots.
then tread the holes with the second tread
Suggested reading for the rigid heddle loom. Finally a warped loom to try your hand at weaving on this loom. which Jay, a very new weaver in our guild, was delighted to give it a try.

suggested reading for Rigid heddle
warped loom
Jay trying it out.

That is all for now. But we have a lot planned for 2019
Set your calendars for our February 18th meeting when John will present a weaving program. It will be a surprise but he announced he is focusing on transparency weaving for his future. 

March 18 th will be a presentation on Bulgarian Fiber arts. and May our 'Buellwood Best' show the theme is a fiber art which your inspiration is taken form a nature photo.

June is conference month, MLH in Holland MI May 28 - June 2 and Midwest Weavers in Grinnell, Iowa June 20 to 22 rd. both have open registration now.

In July12th we are lucky enough to have Donna Kallner doing a Nailbinding workshop in Hancock just for our guild. there are 12 spaces available contact John if you might be interested as we have 10 spaces filled right now. She will also be teaching at the Porkies Folk school near Ontonagon, MI the following weekend.

August 19 th we have asked Gary Olds to visit our Guild meeting and chat with us about his inspiration with choosing his colors and patterns for his beautiful weaving.

September 21 and 22 will be our Buellwood Fall Retreat. located at the Marsin Nature Retreat Center on Canal Road in Houghton, MI

"Thank you" to all who ordered from Halcyon Yarns this last year as we received Guild rewards check for our Guild members who purchased yarns in 2018. $9.37 to add to our guild funds. just mention you are a member of Buellwood Weavers and Fiber Artist Guild when ordering.