Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall workshop with Nadine Sanders 'The Singing Weaver'

Nadine teaching showing a Garment by Janet.

Nadine showing Julie her samples
The Buellwood Guild has not meet for the summer months. Starting in September we are now having our regular meetings, the third Monday of each month. We did have a guild meeting in September and would like to welcome a new member to our guild, Stephanie Carpenter, who has moved to Houghton to Lecture at Michigan Tech University. She has only woven one project, and hopes to learn from our Guild. Stephanie also signed up for Nadine Sander's weaving workshop in Calumet.

For those of you who missed Nadine's workshop September 20-22 and her concert at the Calumet Art Center Saturday night September 21st, we had a very good weekend with Nadine. At the evening concert, Nadine's sang some weaving songs and played the Harpsichord and Fiddle. She played some beautiful Irish and Scottish tunes on the Fiddle.

Our workshop was held at the Calumet Art Center thanks to Ed Gray who arranged Nadine's class 'Triple Play' for us. We had 8 students from Wisconsin, Michigan and the U.P. All levels of weavers were in attendance, from very beginning weavers to a complex weavers.
Two of us chose fabric warps and one person used a Rug warp the rest chose to make the wallhanging sampler. We all had our looms prewarped at the start of class on Friday. Nadine shared her many samples of a variety of woven items.

 Here are some samples of Inlaying fabric strips into the Theo Moorman warp. This special warp has a tabby base fabric on shafts 1 and 2 with fine threads sett at every 3rd dent for the tie down warp, on shafts 3 and 4.

 From this basic warp we were able to add shapes and pictures to the surface of our woven fabric.

Stephanie and Eve examining Eve's woven shapes
Once the basic techniques were learned, we prepared a cartoon for those designs we wanted to try weaving using the techniques we learned. I found simplifying my cartoon design to weave was a difficult, so I turned to a very non subjective idea for my Cartoon.
Melissa, Pat, Marcia, and Mary Making our cartoons
Nadine's method of attaching the cartoon to our warp was very successful as was the warping with shoe strings method she showed us for tying on our warps. This is the reason I enjoy workshops so much. You always learn something new that makes warping and weaving more enjoyable and easier or more efficient.
Attaching the cartoon to our warps!

Placing the cartoon stick and setting up the Cartoon to weave.

 Nadine attached the cartoon to the woven warp base with an upholstery needle. She then rolled the cartoon towards herself and followed the cartoon from the backside with her inlay fibers. *See red on picture below.
*Inlaying fibers where indicated on the cartoon with shafts 3 or 4 raised.
Julie's woven cartoon she is a beginning weaver.

Stephanie's OWL  her second woven project
Marcia's inlay ribbon but not her cartoon.... Nadine's sample cartoon on this warp.
Happy Weaver's at the Calumet Art Center. 
 Mary B, Pat, Julie, Mary C, Marcia, Eve, Nadine Sanders, Melissa and Stephanie in the front.

Our next meeting will be October 21, at noon check with Eve about where we are meeting this month.  I think we are meeting at the Finnish American Heritage Center to view some samples of old rugs. WE will discuss showing our work in Calumet and our Rug weaving year. 

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