Saturday, June 8, 2013

WOW! is all I can say.

'Fiber Arts Jacket’  workshop with  Mary Sue Fenner  June 2013 in Hancock Michigan.
This year a few of our guild members wanted another workshop with Mary Sue Fenner. We had 6 people sign up for the entire 3 day workshop and a couple of people came for Mary Sue’s Trunk Show on Monday morning.  We all were amazed at the Jackets Mary Sue brought along for the Trunk Show, and a few went home with a new owner.  If only I could fit into a size 12!
Mary Sue has a lot to offer our weavers and sewers. She has the latest sewing materials and techniques to share with us. A great creative eye, and is a fun and very positive person.
Mary Sue flew from Hawaii to Green Bay on Saturday and drove up to the U.P. on Sunday what a trooper she is!
We had a small group this year and it was wonderful!  And lots of fun.

A few samples of Mary Sue Trunk Show! 
 Just a preview of 30 Jackets Mary Sue brought for the Trunk Show.
Rag denim fabric jacket and dress
Lorraine modeling a quilted jacket by Mary Sue

Yooper Jacket?

Mary Sue and Phyllis in Quilt fabric garments

Phyllis modeling one of  Mary Sue's woven garment

Our Workshop - busy sewing our garments

The six workshop participants all chose different fabrics to make their Art Jackets or vests.
Phyllis chose a linen fabric that was red on one side and purple on the other.It is a beautiful fabric and a great pattern.

Mary with Carol's wool vest

Carol is using some very nice light weight wool for her vests. She made two of them in our 3 day workshop. Only some final decisions and finishing touches needed to complete her garments. 

 Jane who is a quilter form White Pine joined our group and is modeling her quilt fabric jacket. She was pleased with the workshop and would like to join us again. Maybe the spring of 2014 we can do it again.

Carol ripping her silk for embellishing her gray wool

Debra in her Chanel Jacket
close up of Debra's beautiful Handwoven Fabric


Debra wove 9 yards of Harrisville yarn for her garment. She is making a Chanel Jacket with lots of pieces in the pattern and lined in the Chanel fashion. It is looking pretty good and will be a lot of work- but she is up for the challenge.

Check out Mary Sue Facebook page for more about her workshops.

This blog page is not cooperating today so I will have to stop. We will bring our finished garments to the fall Guild meetings for all of you Buellwood Weavers and Fiber artists to see.

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