Thursday, December 22, 2011

Buellwood Guild Christmas Gathering December 2011

On December 12th we met at the Library Restaurant in Houghton for our annual Christmas Gathering. We had a nice attendance despite our meeting one week early to avoid the Christmas hustle.
We missed our Finlandia group as they had a final that day. Next year we will plan better.

For entertainment, as if talking was not enough, Lynn planned a game for us to distribute the prizes that we shared instead of exchanging gifts. Lynn came up with a picture drawing game that we had to guess the names of paint samples provided through drawing on a sketch pad with colored markers.

She came up with some great names in her paint samples. Would you believe Ala mode, or faded jeans, or how about red dress? We had two teams.... Myla, Eve, Jean and Mary vs. Audrey, Jessica, Jeanne, and Leslie. As the selected person drew on the tablet the others were timed and when the right name was shouted out the time was recorded. It started out slow, but once we got the hang of it we did pretty good.

It was close... with in seconds of the 4 rounds we had before lunch arrived. Lynn was busy trying to find the hardest names for us to guess.

After lunch we did our Brown Bag exchange, 4 of us were brave enough to select 4-6 oz of fiber we had that we wanted woven into something for ourselves. That we would actually let someone else decide on what we needed. Sound like fun? as if we don't have enough fiber around to take a chance letting someone else enjoy the pleasure of working with it.

We have until June to produce the gift for the person who's yarn we received. This should be fun! Lynn's bag contained a painted warp and more.

Audrey got a bag of wool/tencel roving to spin and use with the other yarns provided.

My bag had chenille and cotton/silk in it, beautiful handpainted yarn... Should be fun! I have always wanted to weave again with chenille. I even have some matching chenille to add if I need to.

Jean got a whole assortment of fibers. I am anxious to see what she comes up with for her gift.
She takes such nice pictures!

And Eve, who thought this was such a good idea! she is going to wait until next year after she sees what wonderful gifts we can make for our fellow guild members. She will be jealous!

Join us in January on the third Monday at noon at Gloria Dei Church for a program on Knitting edges which will be demonstrated by Myla and Audrey. This will be followed by show and tell and a short business meeting. See in 2012

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