Thursday, October 20, 2011

Buellwood Weavers and Fiber Guild meeting -September

September 17, 2011
Our Guild meet Monday at Gloria Dei Church in Hancock Michigan and elected new officers from the members present. Jean Lind has agreed to fill Jessica's position as MLH representative and Vise Chair. Eve Lindsey will remain our Chair for this year and she is doing a fine job of arranging topics for our meetings and projects for our Guild to get involved with. If you have ideas for projects or topics please mention them at the next meeting in November. We still need topics for the April and May 2012 meeting. Check out this blog for our schedule and other important Guild information at the top of this page.

We had a number of members show their samples from Conference workshops.
Jessica shared a number of hand painted warps she did in a 2 day workshop with Su Butler 'Warp Painting'. They are bright and beautiful. Jessica also took Anita Mayer's - Doubleweave Tapestry Pillow - pre conference workshop she promises to share her finished pillow when it is off the loom.

Jean Lind brought samples from her pre conference workshop with Sheila O'Hara 'Multiple Warp Weaving - 8 Shafts' She is still working on the scarf but cut off some samples to show us what she was working on.

In the this picture you can see the difference in color on the front side
and back side of the woven scarf.

Melissa Mattson brought in her sample from Robyn Spady's 'Extreme warp Make Over' pre conference workshop. She claims to have learned a great deal from this workshop, the sample was beautiful with 17 various woven structures all on the same warp tie up. A very good workshop for beginning
weavers to learn the many fabrics that can be woven from one warp on a 4 harness loom.Sorry Melissa it was hard to get a picture that you did not move.

Audrey Chamberlain shared her samples of Silk Spinning a workshop she took with Heather Winslow. Audrey is an accomplished spinner but needed help spinning silk. She enjoyed the workshop and has many samples of spin silk to add to her sample folder. She enjoyed learning about the many silk spinning materials she was introduced to and now has a greater understanding of all the possibilities of spinning silk.

Jeanne Medlyn took a pre conference workshop with Amy Tyler on 'Spin Knit Nexus' and learned the meaning of Nexus (convergence) as well as making a very complete note book of spinning samples. She is happy to have renewed her excitement about spinning. I am sorry but in all the excitement I did not get a picture of Jeanne and her samples. Oops!!!

I took Kati Reeder Meeks pre conference workshop on 'Checks, Plaids and Tartans'. I learned a lot about using the trapeze method of warping my loom for a better tensioned warp as well as many other tips for weaving with fine yarn. It was well worth the time despite the many interruptions I had due to conference responsibilities. I did not get too much done during the conference but the class was nice enough to share their samples with me. I am weaving away at home now that my life has slowed down and Have 65 inches of tartan weave done on my loom.
A nice scarf and a number of samples for my work book to keep for future reference.

Guild Projects for 2012 Eve shared some Guild Project ideas for the 2011 - 2012 year and we are going to hand paint a small warp for Bookmarks at the November meeting. So check your email or call Eve for warp instructions if you are interested.

We are also planning a fiber exchange at the Christmas get together. Here is how it works we bring 4 -6 oz of fiber in a brown bag then choose a bag that is not ours. We will use this fiber to make a gift for those who supply fiber, the finished item will be given at our June meeting. If you are interested in participating in this exchange. Join us for the November 21st meeting to find out more about how this fiber gift exchange will work.

We are also considering the possibility of a one or two day workshop in May or June of 2012. We plan to hire a teacher for a beginning weaving workshop. If you have any ideas or input for this workshop please join us at Gloria Dei Church in Hancock on the third Monday of each month at noon as we are planing it at our next few meetings.

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