Friday, September 30, 2011

A Closer Look -- Fashion Show Honorable Mention

This post is part of a series taking a closer look at award-winning entries from exhibits at Northern Wefts, the Midwest Weavers Conference, which was held in June.

LeAnna Franklin's Woven Webs. Photo by Larry Retzlaf
LeAnna Franklin of Kewaunee, Wisconsin, won a special Honorable Mention award for her Woven Webs entry in the Fashion Show at Northern Wefts. This piece and two other entries were woven on an old Sears & Roebuck 2-harness loom.

"I still consider myself a beginning weaver," Leanna says. She used machine-spun Shetland wool for the weft (10 epi) and hand-dyed Shetland for the weft. When she wet-finished the fabric, the difference between the machine-spun and hand-spun resulted in a luscious texture that looked as if it had been woven on more than two shafts.

LeAnna used a jacket pattern taken from one of her favorite alpaca sweaters, and constructed the jacket in Mary Sue Fenner's Weave, Cut and Sew class.

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