Sunday, February 6, 2011

Su Butler 'Warp Painting' 2 day workshop

Whew it has been busy here, our conference registration is open and we have 184 registered as of this morning. Thank goodness we have Amy Norris doing our online registration. Jean and I are feeling pretty good about the how the excitement about Northern Wefts 2011 has taken off. After having a few bumps in the road... the meal costs being wrong in the printed Registration booklet. We are back promoting our workshop teachers.

So today I want to share with you some recent photos from Su Butler. She will be teaching a 2 day workshop Thursday and Firday June 24 and 25, 2011 at 'Northern Wefts' the Midwest Weavers Conference to be held in Hancock Michigan. Su's workshop W301 Warp Painting will give you a chance to paint at least 4 warps that you will bring to class.
If you have never woven on a painted warp you are missing one of the most beautiful experiences of watching your fabric or scarf come to life before your eyes. If you don't want to weave it into something it will be beautiful just hanging on the wall in your workroom. Su will be giving you a chance to dye cellulose and protein fibers along with experimentation with fiber blends. You will also go home with a note book of dye recipes to use in the future.

Cotton painted warp wth a wool weft in broken twill

Cotton painted warp with Zephyr wool/silk weft broken twill.

Su is from Woodstock, Illinois she earned her BFA in weaving and watercolor painting from University of Northern Colorado in 1977 and teaches private students and instructs for guilds and conferences around the country. She began weaving at age three. To Su weaving is a tactile dialogue. Given limited elements and equipment, she is presented with creative questions. Each answer pushes her beyond her creative limits, allowing her to grow as a crafts person and artist. She has been the author of The Answer Lady column, numerous articles for HANDWOVEN and WEAVERS magazines and the COMPLEX WEAVERS JOURNAL. Her first book, Understanding Rayon Chenille, was released in December 2002.

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