Friday, February 4, 2011

Kati Reeder Meek 'What Color is Your Tartan Eh?'

I have never taken a class from Kati Reeder Meek but I am hoping I will have time to take her Preconference 3 day workshop -PC105 'Checks, Plaids and Tartans' At the Midwest Weaver's conference Northern Wefts to be held in Hancock Michigan on June 23-25 2011. Not that I am Scottish or really want to make my family tartan plaid. But reading her workshop description and seeing her photos, I decided that I need some help with fine yarns, both wool and cotton, and I sure could use help with warping my loom. It sounds like she has ideas for warping on your own when you do not have someone to help hold the tension while you wrap the warp onto the loom... sound familiar. I am there, I do have a husband but he is not always available when I would like him to be.

For Kati's Preconference
workshop you will need to
have a prewarped loom. Which means we will be
weaving, and that is a good thing. But she will also demonstrate how to warp with a Trapeze, ambidextrous treading and sleying, and weaving with 'live weight' tension. These are things I would like to learn more about. She is also going to emphasis the process of weaving with special attention on healthy body mechanics. Another good bit of information when you are over 60.

We are als0 offering two mini sessions the first is:
MN 806 'What color are your tartans, eh?' In this session you will learn how to design and adjust a tartan weaving to the project you want to make.

The second Mini session is MN908 'Trapeze, Weight and Warping' which is a popular class on beaming a beautifully tensioned warp all alone and using a self adjusting automatic brake on a warp beam on any loom. All of her classes include instructions to do the highland fling as an aerobic exercise.

I am sharing some pictures of her work and her Tartan designed for the state of Michigan.

Join Kati in one of her workshops at Northern Wefts 2011. which will be held at Finlandia University in Hancock Michigan June 20- 25 2011.

Kati Reeder Meek
Treehouse Handweaving Studio
Reflections from A Flaxen Past: For Love of Lithuanian Weaving, Warp with a Trapeze
and Dance with your Loom

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