Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shibori, Japanese stitch-resist dyeing

Susan Moran is an instructor in Fiber Design at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Her work incorporates shibori, surface design and fabric collage. Susan will be teaching a 2 day workshop at Northern Wefts 2011 the Midwest Weavers Conference to be held in Hancock Michigan June 23-25, 2011. It will be a surface design class if you visit her website you will see some vintage table cloths she has made into lovely aprons, using silk screen and stitching. Join Susan for 2 days of stitching and dyeing fabric then use that fabric in your art or let it stand alone as a
piece of art.

I have two pieces of cotton sheets that I stitched a few years back and dyed with an indigo dye. I still cherish those pieces of fabric and use them when I need that little extra in something I am making.

the technique ready for dyeing

W303 Japanese Shibori- Dyeing and Shaped Resists
Instructor: Susan Moran

Workshop Description:

This workshop covers the basics of dyeing fabric with Procion MX dyes, as well as introducing several methods for creating beautiful, unique patterns on fabric using Japanese shibori, or bound-resist, techniques. The first day will include a discussion of basic dye chemistry, safety, and practices for mixing dye baths from stock solutions as well as powders. Students will learn bound, clamped, pole-wrapped and stitched shibori, and make a series of samples with a variety of fabrics. On the second day we will concentrate on creating textured and sculpted fabrics by focusing on certain silk and polyester fabrics and heated dyeing techniques. Samples from this workshop may become part of future projects such as quilts, collages, wall-hangings, clothing details, and table linens.

Come join us at Northern Wefts 2011 and learn something new and exciting .

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