Monday, February 19, 2024

February 2024 - Show & Tell Meeting

This month's meeting focused on show and tell. We had some new members join us, including a quilter and sisters who are interested in a little bit of everything fiber and wood. 

David brought in some examples of yarn he has been spinning recently. He was especially excited about spinning Polwarth fiber, which was buttery and fun to work with. The roving he used to spin the yarn he's holding in this picture came from a company called Widdershin Woolworks based in New Mexico. 

Phyllis brought examples of the inkle weaving she's been doing with students, including pick up patterns. Then she showed us the retirement gift she recently bought for herself from Multicolores, a Guatemalan non-profit. See below for a picture of the gorgeous hand-hooked rug.  

Clare showed a sweater she recently finished knitting and was wearing, but as as the blog writer this month she didn't get a photo of herself. Kathie brought a recently Goodwill find - an adorable mini loom pictured below. She plans to get it warped and keep it at camp. 

Kathie's friend Joni joined us and brought a remarkable Crazy Quilt she's been working on for a few years. It includes fabrics from her world travels and family heirlooms alongside some intricate hand stitching. 

New member Alesia shared some photos of the inkle loom she built and her sister Diana brought some of the inkle bands they've woven during and after Phyllis' recent workshop. Weaver Lisa Wiitala brought in a ryijy she wove in Finland, inspired by a peony bud. Lisa will be teaching ryijy weaving June 17-21 at the Finnish American Folk School. 

Marci shared samples from the Reverse Drafting Club through The Weaving Mill in Chicago that she participated in recently. The idea is that you first receive swatches in the mail and work to diagram the construction without any information other than the swatch. Later you receive the information and drafts for each swatch. She has donated them to the guild library if anyone wants to give it a try. 

Sean brought a waffle weave towel he made using unbleached cottons in three colors. He discussed some of the challenges he had with the selvedges while weaving. He also brought in some new bands he's been card weaving and discussed the amazing card alphabet he's invented to cut down on issues with twist that can be a problem in card woven patterns. 

Nancy has been knitting socks from the toe up on two circular needles. She also knitted her sweater in a lace stitch. 

Thursday, February 15, 2024

January 2024 meeting Mending

January in the UP has been very warm and we have little to no snow. I tried to attend our guild meeting 60 miles away, but found it was a total white out on my drive as soon as I left Ontonagon. I decided to turn around and return home. But Clare and Phyllis sent me the photos they took and a bit of information.  

We had a nice turn out for our January meeting 

Elaine ordered the mending loom and learned how to use it so she could demonstrate it for the guild. She then passed it around so our members could try it out.

I did not hear if they were impressed with this little loom. I will let you know if there are any comments.

 David is talking with a couple who raise sheep and want advice on wool preparation.  

Elaine introducing the mending loom

Mending loom up close

Elaine demonstrating the mending loom

 Our next meeting is Saturday 2/17 same place, same time. It is show and tell month, so bring all your projects and questions if you have any.

Monday, January 15, 2024

2024 Retreat highlights

Robin Goatly

  Pictures from our Fall Guild Retreat in October 2024.

Mostly pictures for those who missed our get together and for us to remember the great time we had at the retreat. Not to mention the great food!

We had 16 members participate and I heard it was a hit. We even have a few finished Tapestries from the class . I will add them at the bottom as they come in.

Teachers weaving with beads 

Finished tapestries by 12/16/2023

David’s front and back side
Melissa L 

Happy Holidays December 2023

Karen T knit a cowl with hand spun yarn created from a mixture of Blue Leicester wool and Great Pyrenees
dog hair. She also showed us her finished purse with the inkle loom woven band.
She had more creations out of bark.

Elaine took an online tapestry workshop from Rebecca Metzloff 
She really enjoyed the workshop and she had a very nice tapestry as the result.
She mentioned Sara Swette and Robbie Lafleur as good tapestry teachers.

Karen M brought in some weaving she did on a Hazel Rose Loom and the loom and book with instructions.

David showed his Knit and crocheted projects with yarn he spun at Jenny Leister’s spinning class last year. David also finished his Tapestry form the September Guild Retreat.

David’s tapestry 10-2024

Jimalee’s favorite child’s sweater she knit this one in super wash wool from a a Lilly knitting pattern. 

Melissa also finished her September 2024 Tapestry class with Robin at our retreat. Melissa also shared the treasures report with us at this meeting.

Anita was shopping again and found some old items to share with all of us.

Phyllis had more to show from her Finland travels.

Rug warp - but colored

A great series of towels 

Sean is making more items , this time shoe laces with his tablet weaving on I believe a loom similar to an inkle loom. 10/2 cotton with wood glue to make the shoelace ends stiff.
Also more beautiful bands from his tablet loom
He created/invented a New Alphabet woven with zero twist, I hope Sean will explain that better when we have his workshop at our fall 2025 retreat.


    Sean found a paper knitting tool holder from Coco Knits

Mary finished the Arne and Carlos ‘Dancing Children Advent Stocking’ in time for Christmas Eve. Her Grand daughters each got a sock doll when she arrived in CA. The dolls are probably buried under all the Stuffies on the girls beds.


Next meeting is Saturday 1-20 2024 in the Fiber Studio at 1 pm.