Saturday, May 28, 2022

'Buellwood Best ' 2022

 We had our last Monday meeting until further notice we are now going to meet at 1:00PM on the third Saturday of each month. Remember if you buy yarn from Halycon yarns be sure to select Buellwood Weavers Guild in the Guild reward program as our guild gets 5% back in January. Last year it was over $123. 

Laura arrived with a pot of 'Bluebirds of Happiness' plant decorations for each of us. Thanks, Laura, for brightening our day.

 We met on May 16 th for our 'Buellwood Best' 2022. Each year we come up with an idea that all fiber Artists can participate in. This year we yarn wrapped colors from a piece of art in the Finnish American Heritage Gallery and used those colors as our palette for our Fiber piece.

'Buellwood Best'

Melissa L wove and felted this beautiful cloth for her vest. She used the colors she selected from a painting. To her surprise the alpaca she used did not felt the same as the other wool. This created a challenge for her, despite the uneven felting she was still made a lovely vest. Weaving and felting more black wool to extend the length of the garment helped. 

Dawn took her colors and made a number of bands on her inkle loom. She was not happy with this small inkle loom. She used the color palette she found in a painting.

Jenny is a spinner, and she spun some skeins with the colors she chose. Her silk spinning is beautiful as are the other skeins. These were all spun on her collection of spindles in the box above. She collects spindles 'they are like candy' to Jenny. She just cannot resist them. 

on the left John chose an eight shaft pattern to explore with his colors (seen on the piece of wood above his piece) he used a straight treadling for this colorful piece. 

on the right, Phyllis's Crocheted circles on the right are created in sequence from cotton yarn. I think we will be seeing more of these circles in future exhibits. 

Kathie used the colors for a weaving on the rigid Heddle Loom.  Since these are her favorite colors, she actually found a skein of variegated yarn with all the colors in it. 

Mary used the colors from a picture, for a weaving on the a small tapestry loom.  One she has been traveling with for a number of years now and was excited to finally be actually have a reason to use it. The most difficult part was to find yarns that match the colors in her photograph. Even with an extensive stash to choose from!

Laura received a gift of a gallon flask and decided she really needed a carry bag for it.
She made herself a lovely wool felted bag with the  yarn colors she wrapped at the Finnish American Heritage Gallery last fall.  

Show and Tell

Nathen found a shirt that he could add to his indigo vat. Nice job on reviving this tossed garment into something spectacular. 

Sean brought in a sample of  Baltic style weaving this one done on his Rigid heddle loom. The detailed photo below really shows how fine his work is. 


Lois took the ceramic class at the Finnish American Folk School and she made this piece of pottery at the workshop. 

took the workshop with artist Liv Aanrud. She finished her piece and was very happy with the results. Visit the Gallery now until June 3 for more of Liv's art.  'Off the Hook'

Melissa also took Clare's fair isle knitting class and made a beautiful pair of wrist warmers. 

 did some dyeing with Rhubarb leaves and then made this lovely crocheted flower. I think is looks like she followed Arne and Carlos Spring Crochet Along for this sample.

Poppy Sent me a picture of her sample from Arne and Carlos Crochet along. She dyed all the yarns herself with Natural dyes.



Mary M  is now the newest member of our Guild she was able to finish the sleeve on her Icelandic sweater with yarn she found in the Fiber Studio. She also wanted to join our guild! welcome Mary M. 

John finished weaving his wall/window hanging with images from his hike on the Camino de Santiago which he completed a couple of years ago. It is a very interesting adventure and John did a slide show for us at our 2019 retreat. John has been focusing on Transparency weaving for a while now.

Check out this Article in Quilting Arts Magazine Winter 2022 our talented Laura had her
piece of art  published. 

She also had a lovely woven purse to show today. 

Mary has been busy felting slippers and knitting this wool felted piece from the Kiki Mariko Rug pattern to see how the pattern works. It will be her contribution to the July 9th event at Emberlight 2022 Knitting Circle at Miners Park in Ironwood, MI. 

Kiki Mariko rug pattern

Our 2022 Guild retreat will be held at the Marsin Retreat Center on Canal Road in Houghton September 17 and 18th.
we have a few ideas for presentations offered. 
Saturday sept 17th at 1 pm to we will have a meeting to plan our presentations for 2022-23 year, so bring your requests and ideas.

 Let Mary B know if you need to stay overnight Friday and Saturday. I have been told there have been some new upgrade changes at the Marsin.

Our next guild meeting will be Saturday June 18th at 1:00 pm some of us will be warping looms for the Rug class. John will let us know if a meeting will actually be held. 

Friday, May 13, 2022

Buellwood Weavers and Fiber Artists Guild - April 2022 Indigo 'Dyeing with Dawn'

 We have officially decided to change our guild Meetings from Monday noon to the third Saturday of each month, at 1:00pm starting in July. We want to see how this works for future meetings. Our May meeting will still be at noon on Monday the 16th. it will be our 'Buellwood Best' share. So find a picture and create a fiber piece with the colors on the picture or come and enjoy what others have done. 

Our indigo dye day was well attended and a number of members took home a pot of left over Indigo dye.

Dawn did another superb prep, as she always does, which it is so Generous of her. Dawn made up a number of buckets of Indigo/Lime/Zinc dye powder with other items to create the Dye pot. Thank you dawn!

Note, that the 'Art Start' in Rhinelander is having a exhibition 'Livingblues' of indigo dyed art from local and international artists. Starting May 19 open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11 am to 2 or 3 pm. until August.6 th. 

Everyone was busy folding, wrapping, dipping, dyeing, and even using stencils and rice paste resist on their cloth.   

Some of our final products from a day of fun Indigo Dyeing. 
Nathen and Robin came well prepared and made some beautiful designs.

 Rice resist and a stencil, then when dry, dipped into vat

Show and Tell  4 /30 /2022

Sean has done some inkle loom weaving with cotton. He also did card weaving, I believe, he said on his Rigid heddle loom. He created his own patterns for his weaving. 

more of Seans bands.

Sean shows his Inkle loom bands. 

Phyllis received a gift of fabric from a friend.
It is silk/velvet done in Ikat woven fabric from Uzbekistan. Cultural Cloth is a lovely store in western WI where you can find these lovely fabrics. 

Phyllis with Ikat fabric

Phyllis also wove this inkle Band to make true Finnish suspenders for her husband. 

Phyllis's Finnish band 

Karen with baskets

Karen had a lot of new baskets to share
with the guild. 
Also some birch bark woven frogs and leather/birch glass holders for the Groomsmen at her daughters upcoming wedding.  

These baskets for bottles are from a recent workshop she taught in Orkacoke NC .

wove a tote bag out of Plastic grocery bags, which is a nice way to recycle all those bags we get from shopping.

Lynn took the workshop 'Off the Hook' with Liv Aanrud at the Finnish American Art Center last month and brought in her Art. She also has been eco dyeing on silk cloth and embellishing it with decorative stitches. Nice Stitching Lynn!

After years of saying he did not know how to sew! John took a class and learned how to sew this bag and he even put in a zipper! Way to go John! Just the right size for all his small weaving tools. 

We will have our last Monday Noon meeting Mary 16th until further notice. We will NOW meet at 1pm on the third Saturday of each month. This is to make it easier for members of our guild who work can make our meetings. 

Our Annual Retreat has returned and is set for September 17th and 18th 2022. at the Marsin Retreat House on Canal Road. 9 am to 5:00 pm. The house has had many repairs and they have 5 or 6 beds available for our members who want to stay overnight Friday and Saturday, even a small cottage with a bed!

If you would like to present a project for one of the days let John know and **please bring ideas or topics for 2022-2023 guild meetings for our Guild meeting on 
Saturday September 17 th from noon to 1:30 or 2 pm.