Tuesday, February 9, 2021

January Video Meeting 2021

In January we met again via Zoom for some show and tell and conversation. Since it can be hard to eat lunch and video chat at the same time, we will be changing the time of our next meeting to 11am (Monday February 15th). 

Although Melissa has been nursing a rotator cuff injury, she embarked on a project that has allowed her to learn how to read weaving drafts. She has been working on cotton and linen samples from Davison's Handweaver's Pattern Book. 

Karen had been working on stitching her gorgeous submission for the Animals of the Kalevala exhibit at the Copper Country Community Arts Center. The show is currently online and in-person at the CCCAC gallery in Hancock. She also showed us an ornament of family dog Runa. 

Kathie finished up her mug rugs and bookmarks and talked about how color combinations worked differently in different combinations. 

Denise has continued with her days of the week embroidery and also showed off her new handwoven towels. 

Mary finished a lovely collection of knit advent balls designed by Arne and Carlos . She also finished knitting a replacement fish hat for a young friend and weaving a Sword and Fern Horsetail table runner. The draft came from Handwoven magazine May/April 2020. She'd like to make more of these runners but with a heavier weight yarn like 5/2 pearl cotton or two strands of 10/2 pearl cotton used together. The weavers in the meeting agreed that this approach would probably work. She suggested a lesson on translating different weaving drafts into different yarns could be a good program in the future. 

Phyllis has been working on concentric circles, first needle felting and then using some wet felting. She also discovered a helpful tip from the book Weaving Tricks by Susan Gilmurray that she plans to use in an attempt to finish the rug she's discussed in previous meetings. 

Dawn showed us a cowl (dicky?) that she knit at the request of her daughter. It is similar to the Huntress Cowl, but she had to change the pattern to work with the yarn she had. 

Stay warm and safe everyone, and we'll see you again soon! 

Friday, December 18, 2020

December Video Meeting 2020

For the last meeting of 2020, we met again on Zoom to chat and share some projects we've been working on. 

John reminded us to start thinking about our entries for Buellwood's Best this spring. And Clare shared a call for art from the Copper Country Community Arts Center in Hancock for their annual celebration of the Kalevala during Heikinp√§iv√§. The theme is Animal Life from the Kalevala and the submission dates are 1/28 and 1/29 with the show in February. 

Karen has unfortunately been suffering from trigger thumb and has be unable to do much making as she gives it a rest. She did share with us some of her lovely handmade earrings she's been working on for gifting and selling on Etsy

Denise has been doing some embroidery of some adorable days of the week. She is also working on a warp for a towel project and asked some questions about floating selvedge tension and selecting a boat shuttle. 

Dawn has been continuing to work on dyeing, braiding, and felting roving rugs. Her felting technique involves putting the piece into a pillowcase in the washing machine with soap. She suggested this as a possible workshop for our next guild retreat. 

Jimalee couldn't make it to our meeting, but shared some of her finished projects by email. She knitted and felted colorful balls that she uses as winter decoration. 

She made these baskets on the shores of Lake Superior - Bark Bay near Cornucopia, WI- where she canoed each summer for 20 years. She says that the baskets hold nice memories for her and while she was inexperienced when making them, she found Baskets from Nature's Bounty by Elizabeth Jensen to be a helpful resource. 

Jimalee also shared a picture of this santos from Mexico, holding this year's Christmas tree, and standing on a handwoven Norwegian runner. 

Kathie finished sewing up a batch of reversible potholders designed to cradle a hot bowl of soup so you can hold it without burning yourself. 

Melissa was also unable to make it to this month's meeting, but had a project to share. She spent a week in November cleaning, de-rusting, sanding, oiling, and replacing heddles on a Union loom a friend found for her downstate last year. It's now in good working order and she has started a rug with the long warp that came with the loom. 

Clare showed a hat/bonnet that she knitted recently using some yarn from deep in her stash. The pattern is Beloved  and the yarn was a skein (held double) of Stonehedge Fiber Mill's mill ends purchased in Marquette back when there was still a local yarn shop there. She also showed of a sweater-in-progress with yarns dyed in Dawn's guild workshop in 2017. Pictures coming when it's off the needles (hopefully before our next meeting!)

Phyllis was wearing and told us about a big lovely knit sweater that she purchased in 1998 in Estonia.  She showed us some crocheted ornaments with buttons that she's been working on recently and has been spinning and Navajo plying some yarn. She also shared these lovely pillowtops that she's been sewing using shirts that belonged to her parents. 

Inspired by the sweater sharing, Kathie also showed us a very soft Russian vest and John shared an impressive sweater he bought in Scotland. Perhaps we should all plan to wear and share our favorite handmade sweaters to our next meeting! 

In the meantime, may you all stay healthy and find some joy in making. Happy holidays! 

Sunday, December 6, 2020

November Video Meeting 2020

This month we again met remotely to share show and tell and hear a presentation about the Trailing of the Sheep from Karen Mallum (pictures hopefully coming soon). 

For show and tell, Dawn shared some of her recent projects. She has been working with braided and felted roving to create rugs, an (unintentional) cat bed, and some very large slippers that she plans to alter to fit a human-sized foot. 

Dawn has of course also been dyeing and fielded a question about invasive buckthorn. She shared this image of roving she has dyed. The leaves are glossy buckthorn and the yellow roving pictured was dyed with those leaves. 


Mary finished weaving a baby blanket for her youngest grandchild and has been considering the pros and cons of tying on additional warp to leftover warp on the loom. 

Mary also shared her finished stick weaving.

Melissa showed off her homegrown flax seeds and discussed the invasive Autumn Olive on her property, wondering whether they have any usefulness as a dye plant. 

Denise completed another t-shirt quilt, but says she's ready to take a break from t-shirt quilting for a little while now. 

Phyllis has been revisiting a medium that she used to work in and has been creating stick bundles. 

We're planning to have another virtual show and tell meeting on December 14th, so stay tuned for Zoom details guild members!

Thursday, October 29, 2020

October Video Meeting 2020

 Due to the ongoing pandemic, the guild met by video call this month for show and tell. 

Karen started us off by telling us about the hats she has been knitting for her grandson Ayden, including a Yoda hat and a pumpkin hat with cables. She's also discovered an adorable pattern for knit bats and offered to share information about these patterns with anyone in the group who is interested. 

Karen also showed us a basket she eco-printed with indigo that she'll be gifting to Dawn, a needlecase that she traded with Laura, and a handwoven dishcloth she bought from a Yarnwinder's Club member. She's also been working on writing up the pattern for a new basket design. 

Dawn showed us some felted slippers slippers she's been working on, purple wool that she's had for several years, and some wool she's currently dyeing with walnuts from her neighbor's tree. She also mentioned that she's been working on getting dots in her eco-dyed paper projects. 

Mary has been knitting many hats! She's working from a free pattern called Katie's Kep that was part of Shetland Wool Week and with wool yarn that she bought from Severs Island. She's also been busy at the loom and sewing machine. 

She has two looms warped and weaving. One is a table runner with 10/2 cotton and she is weaving the second table runner right now. Last week she warped up an overshot baby blanket for her second grand daughter. Evie got the one with primary colors and Margot is getting one with pastels.

Last week she also finished two Halloween aprons for her grand daughters and one for their dolls as well as a number of stuffies to play with.

Denise has also been busy sewing and weaving. She finished this lovely basket from Poppy's class. 

She also finished up her branch weaving. The white yarn is thick and thin handspun wool. The red and blue yarns are Brown Sheep wool/mohair blend and there are blue glass beads woven into the blue section. 

Denise also finished a machine-pieced and quilted t-shirt quilt that she made for her daughter Bethany from her high school athletic and dance t-shirts. 

Kathie has been taking an online Interweave class focused on color in warp and weft. She is making several mug rugs as a way to learn about color.  It is a free 3 week class that might still be open if anyone is interested in registering.

Phyllis showed off her finished checkerboard rug made with jersey material from her former student's clothing business. The rug is lovely, but she is lamenting her decision to save the ends to be woven in last as she now has hundreds of them to weave. She also showed us some lovely handknit gloves that she received as a gift from her friend Desiree. 

Jimalee has mostly been making soap under her label Jones on Smith Ave. As for fiber, she's recently finished knitting some lovely grey colorwork mittens. Since she was calling in from home she was also able to show off some of her collection of ash baskets purchased from Winnebago basket weavers in Wisconsin where she grew up. 

Lois has been dyeing with purple carrots and cabbage, though she was disappointed with the outcome of the carrot dye bath and did not enjoy the smell of cabbage cooking in her kitchen. 

Clare has mostly been knitting recently, finishing up some projects that have been languishing on her needles. She finished off a colorwork hat that is a replacement for a favorite hat lost several years ago. She tracked down a kit in the same colorway from Peace Fleece and it looks almost exactly the same. The pattern is the Beaded Braided Hat by Peace Fleece

She also completed a Christmas stocking for her husband as they'll be celebrating the holidays in the UP, far away from family for the first time. The pattern is the Midnight Clear Stocking and the yarn is all from stash, primarily Harrisville Designs worsted weight. She recommends a simple technique she learned recently for weaving in ends while knitting instead of saving them all until the end: Weavin' Stephen. She also finished up a toddler-sized Flax Light sweater by Tin Can Knits with yarn she bought in Helsinki last year (Tuku Wool) and some from Calumet-based dyer Camelot Dye Works. 

We plan to continue with meeting by Zoom until it is safe to meet in person. Next month we hope to combine a presentation with show and tell. Stay tuned and take care, everyone!