Sunday, February 5, 2023

Update New Pictures of our February 2023 FeltIng experience

I received pictures of our felted soap bar event at our February Guild meeting to share with you. Thank you Phyllis for taking the pictures.

The felted bars act like a washcloth and soap in one. The wool dries between uses and prevents the soapy mess on your sink.

I have been told that when the soap is used up you will have a a little wool coin purse if you cut a little opening in one side.

I found 6 grams of merino wool will cover a regular size bar of soap. A rectangular or flat round bar works best as flat sides are easy to rub without moving the wool to much.

Finlandia Folk school has a weaving round Robin going on in the Studio Room 105 at the Jutila Center .
Weavers who are renting studio time are sharing 4 different looms each warped for a specific project. When one person finishes their item it is open for another weaver to start weaving.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Felted Soap Bars fun and easy project

 Buellwood Weavers and Fiber Artist Guild met on Saturday January 21 at the Fiber Studio room 105 in the Jutila building in Hancock MI . Our meeting time is 1:00 pm now and at 12:45 I thought I was the only one to show. But then they started pouring in. There must have been 15-20 members and visitors .

Show and Tell is first after the short Buellwood Guild meeting

Mary found this cute material and made a reversible apron 

She enjoyed our coiling demo at the retreat in September and created this covered vessel.

Kathie finished a few coiled vessels to share. She wove some farmhouse napkins with linen yarn warp and weft that gave her some real issues with breakage on the loom.

Farmhouse linen napkins

Sue Ellen makes a trip to Guatemala every year to volunteer. She brings back many treasures and as it is apparent, she likes the red textiles. The various patterns in the weavings indicate the region of Guatemala they come from. The black ikat stripes in her vest are from Solana. She learned to weave on an inkle loom using many colors and designs and pick up technique to make these beautiful woven bands. Below is a pile of her samples and a picture of her wearing a Huipil. Which is worn with one of these bands around the waist.

Sue Ellen with Huipil
Sue Ellen’s woven bands
Close up of bands 

Susan a visitor today, took the inkle loom and made this green and yellow band.

 had a warp on a loom she bought and wove many yards of a Swedish pattern she wants to make into a garment. (Below)

She also shared a woven wool piece made by an elderly relative with his handspun yarn.

Melissa with her white Swedish yardage

was knitting this hat at our meeting 
Mary sent me a picture of her finished hat and the felted soap bars she made at our guild meeting.

Mary’s hat and felted bars.

Karen  has been busy making beautiful baskets. But took time to knit a blue poncho for her new grandson.

 Her new basket was inspired by a shoulder basket she saw in the movie Frozen II she is considering a leather lining, if she can find a sewing machine to sew on leather.

She created this little turtle which she would like to do a workshop in the future.
 I hope it will be with our guild.

Last of all Karen completed a basket out of ‘Red Bark’ with a beautiful leather rim and strap.

Donna knit and felted this wool cap with added leather trim. She also brought us some handmade goat milk soap from a class she took at the wool and sheep festival in Jefferson WI. 


David has been busy dyeing and weaving various items. Here are a few of his projects.
Indigo dyed quilt cover.

David’s multi color rag rug made with a Tshirt weft

Phyllis used her inkle loom to weave some patterned bookmarks.
Note the pattern reverses on the back side.

Jimalee agreed to bring in her handmade soap and felted bars she makes as gifts. But she also is an avid knitter. She has made many of these darling sweaters for the little ones I her life.

These knit and felted slippers even have a built in arch. 

Thanks all,  for your making our meeting so interesting.

Our felted soap project was popular and almost everyone went home with at least one bar.
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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Buellwood Fall Retreat 2022

 Our retreat in September was a lot of fun. We had a great time, so much fun I took only a few pictures.

We had three members each lead a fiber workshop for us. We had a delicious luncheon spread for all to enjoy. Saturday afternoon we had a fun ‘Visit to Iceland’ presentation by new members Mary M and her sister Sue G.The  Sunday we had our annual monthly topic planning meeting and Election of Guild officers.

It sure looks like these sisters have a great time traveling together. Here Sue is presenting her slide show for us.

Sisters Sisters Mary and Sue working on their projects.

Dawn presented a felted chair pad which we braided Saturday am. She took all our braids home Saturday and felted them in the washing machine.

In the afternoon Denise introduced us to Dorset Buttons. A much smaller project and very successful.

Sunday AM Phyllis presented coiling with yarn and fabric which was fun. Everyone was busy trying to finish all these beautiful projects.

Sean opted to work on his tablet woven sheep book markers. During his spare time.

After lunch we meet for election of officers. Also completed a year of planning our monthly presentations for our 2022-23 year. 
I have listed each month with what we will be doing for 2022-23. Check out topics in banner above this blog. 

New officers:
John G will remain our Guild Chair,
Phyllis will be our new Co Chair 
Melissa L is our new treasurer
Karen T will remain as Secretary.
Our next meeting will be October 15 at 1pm.
Spinning together.  At the fiber studio unless announced otherwise.