Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Inkle loom warping and weaving - Auigust 2015

Our Guild inkle loom set up to weave Clare took it home to try her hand at weaving on this loom
 Show and Tell: highlights
We had a better turn out at our meeting than I expected for an August meeting.
* Jeanne brought in a book with many ideas for inkle loom woven items, one she was interested in making was a phone case with strips of woven material. the book is 'Inkle Weaving' by Helen Bress.
*John brought in a Shuttle he made out of Walnut. He is very excited about the Tapestry weaving class we took and is going to try to learn some more this fall with a class at Siever's on Washington Island.
* Clare was knitting a sleeve and she took the guild inkle loom home to try weaving some of the warp we had on the loom. I learned that this stand up inkle loom is also a warping board. So if you need a warping board in the future our guild owns one.
Our Guild meeting
John needed more shuttles so he made some out of Walnut
Carol's hand spun Alpaca and silk yarn from MWC shopping she Navajo ply-ed this yarn to maintain the colors
Carol attended the Midwest Weavers Conference in St Paul in June and she came across this Alpaca roving with silk slubs in it. She turned it into a skein of yarn that she Navajo Ply-ed to Maintain the color sequence. It really turned out beautiful.

Mary was asked to pose with her tencel top ! since I never pass up a good picture of me, you are getting to see my top woven with tencel and Inlayed squares added for accent.
 I also brought in my linen bread bags that I just finished weaving with double weave 48 ends per inch. the Pattern is in Handwoven and I thought it would make a nice Christmas gift.
the Ply split key chain was given to me at Midwest as a thank you for modeling another weavers garment.
Mary in her woven tencel top

weaving record sheet and sample for Linen Bread bags

Linen bread bag and towel

Ply split braided key chain from MWC conference

guild inkle loom/warping board

Loraine warping her inkle loom

Loraine's Inkle loom
 Warping the Inkle loom demonstration took a while. But I think the group got the idea and I shared some of the tricks I learned following directions.

Mary Showing Loraine how to warp this loom
 This is the warping board I showed the group who traveled to Ontonagon in July. This works really well for me.
warping board on stand built by Steve Robertson

Making my warp on a stand given to me by Steve before they moved to New Mexico
 See you in September at the Feed Mill Cafe in Tapiola at noon. Then onto Pekka's workshop for a tour.

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