Tuesday, August 18, 2015

July Buellwood Guild meeting goes to Ontonagon

The Buellwood Weaver's Guild -July meeting
 was held in Ontonagon as the topic was a Studio tour of Jean Lind's and Mary Brownell's weaving rooms. At Jean's we a tour of her lovely home and weaving room. We had 3 members make the trip over to Ontonagon in July to share lunch and Show and Tell before Jean showed her collection of weaving supplies (aka yarn and tools) and her beautiful hand woven items. Jean has been weaving for many years and has a number of looms. The largest is a Louet  Hollandia Counter march with 10 treadles and two warp beams, on which she weaves her beautiful Rugs.
Jean's Countermarche Loom
Krokbragd Rug
For show and tell Jean showed us the 'Custer' double weave tapestry, a sampling of woven items on her loom and a beautiful classic weaving in blue and white.This weaving was a 3 shaft double faced weave from Peter Collingwood's book "the Techniques of Rug Weaving". It can be woven as Krogbragd and/or as a plain weave.
Jean's Double faced weave

'Custer Double Weave' by Jean
More of Jean's Weavings
lunch at Jean's

Carol's spinning notebook from Patsy's class
Carol showed us the spinning notebook she made in Patsy Zawistoski at the Midwest Weaving Conference in St Paul MN. She also brought a sample of her Rust Dyeing which turned out beautiful.
Carol's rust dyed cloth

Melissa brought a baby blanket she was Knitting that was a beautiful green. She also showed some Icelandic Wool that she purchased in Iceland in June.
Melissa's Icelandic Yarn

Baby Blanket for Evie

I shared the  baby blanket I wove for her new granddaughter who was finally born August 8th weighting 9#15 oz 21 inches she was a week over due.

We then headed to my house on the other side of Ontonagon and I showed the group my Warping with weights method of dressing the loom. Also how I use a tapestry stand Steve and Leslie generously gave me when they moved to New Mexico last fall. It comes in handing when standing and winding my warps. I also set up this mirror to check my shed when weaving my Linen double weave bread bags.
It really worked well. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the weights and the warping board.
Linen Bread Bags - Double weave

Checking my Shed for the double weave

  John, Jean and I also took Ruth Manning's tapestry class at the Porkies Folk School this summer and we had some nice finished tapestries. 'Sunset in the Porkies' was the name of the class. we had a great time at the tapestry class and really pushed it to finish our weaving as we had to give up the loom..... Good or bad I am not sure but at least I do not have another unfinished project.

Ruth's samples

Ruth warping the tapestry frame.
Jean's tapestry in progress
John's tapestry
John weaving on the tapestry loom
Mary's tapestry

Our next meeting will be at Gloria Dei August 17-  inkle weave will be the topic. 12 noon. learn how to warp that inkle loom and try out weaving on one all set up.

The September 21,2015 meeting we will meet at the Feed Mill Cafe for lunch and our show and tell. then we will go to Pekka's home to tour his wood shop and weaving shop. If you have not been there it is a wonder to be seen....

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