Monday, May 25, 2015

First Annual Buellwood Fiber and Weaving Guild Retreat 2015:

Jean and Clare working out the Krokbragd weaving

John weaving on 8-shaft loom
 On May 11 and 12th our guild met at the Marsin Retreat center in Houghton Michigan.
The retreat sight is lovely on the Houghton Ship Canal and in a secluded area.
We are delighted to say we have a number of new members who are interested in learning more about weaving.
Our plan: was to have 4 or so looms set up in various weave structures to give everyone a chance to try weaving on these looms. Members were encouraged to bring along a loom they had warped to share their weaving with the group.

Eve also brought a loom along to do a warping demonstration. This demo is always good as a refresher for our group. 

Melissa weaving on the krokbragd sample
*One loom was warped with a beautiful example of Krokbragd. It is a Norwegian weave that is essentially a 3 shaft Twill. With a wool warp and weft that are very tightly packed.

Debra weaving the krokbragd sample

*The next loom was set up with double faced twill scarf with a multiple warp structure on an 8-shaft loom developed by Sheila O’Hara. This will weave a reversible scarf of red and green.
The Painted Warp
Our weaving on the red front side of scarf
the Green- Back side of Scarf is visible here on beam
*A small loom was set up with a warp for a Creative weft faced weave of your choice. The idea here was to be creative and weave whatever you wanted to with the thrums and fleece provided. 
* An Inkle loom which saw little action was also available for those interested.

* The last loom was also an 8-shaft loom with a warp of various fibers and sizes threaded in an M’s and O’s pattern. This Pattern can be found in Handwoven May/June 2007 page 38. This is a challenge for beginners as they are using multiple shuttles and yarn colors for the weft. 

M's and O's Warp
Lorraine weaving

The treadling plan for M's and O's


 Our days were relaxed and fun as a lot of socializing was a prerequisite. Also food was involved so we had quite a pot luck lunch each day. Time was spent planning for 2015 – 2016 season at our long lunch breaks. As well as a great show and tell. Some of us brought other fiber projects to work on while waiting for a loom.

Melissa's Punch Needle Project
Melissa with her "Miniature punch needle" snowman project. Punch Needle is an old craft, which mimics the appearance of hooked rugs--but in miniature doll house size! The design is punched from the back using a specialized punch needle tool, creating a series of tiny loops on the front surface.
Pekka -gluing the carved items

Pekka brought along his latest weaving which has cattails in the weft. On this wall hanging he has added some of his beautiful hand carved images.

Susan brought along her Rigid Heddle Loom to weave on during our workshop.

May 2015 show and tell:
Clare with hand knit blanket with a Scottish Cable Pattern

John Handwoven - twill Hand towels
Susan made a pillow out of her first woven cloth
Susan Modeling Melissa's knit scarf

Pekka's Woven Wall Hanging
Forgive me if I forgot to mention your show and tell.... I did not take any notes! OOPs!

Member joined us when their schedules allowed. We had a nice turn out of twelve members on Monday and eleven on Tuesday. We all had a chance to try out the various looms and each person took home a sample from the looms they wove on if possible. 

The M’s and O’s samples have been washed and will be cut apart for each of your records.
M's and 0's

I hand washed my Krokbragd sample let it dry on the counter and it flattened out very nicely.

Everyone enjoyed weaving on the sample loom that Carol prepared for us before she ran off to the east coast to visit relatives. The creative and freestyle wefts were really lovely. But I am sorry to say I did not take a picture of those samples only this one. So if any of you would like to send pictures of your samples I will post them too.

free style weaving
The double weave scarf will be woven to its full length and the loom owner will have a scarf woven in part by our guild.
The inkle loom will be re threaded for a demo next year. Also a complete inkle loom warping demo will be attempted at one meeting or next year’s workshop.

We are planning a July meeting at Jean’s house in Ontonagon as summer is the best time to travel, please try to make the event. Bring your lunch and join us to tour Jean’s studio and visit my weaving area on the other side of town. 

We have some great programs planned for next year, maybe starting in August including another May Retreat at the Marsin Center. We hope all of you will try to make some of these meetings on the 3 rd Monday of each month.

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