Saturday, February 28, 2015

Circle Weaving -February Guild meeting

 Carol did a presentation of Circle Weaving for our February Guild meeting . Carol provided us with paper plates to make our looms. The hardest part was dividing up the plate into 9 equal sections to add the warp threads.                                

carol adding more warp ends

It is necessary to use an uneven number of warps for our circle weaving so we started with 9 warps. After weaving a while it is necessary to add more warps to the circle.The hola hoop makes a great loom to weave the T-shirt Rug. For this rug you will need about 7 T-Shirts cut off the base hem and a no seam t-shirt works best for continuous wefts. Start weaving around the double warps twine over and under as you proceed around the circle.finish off the rug by separating these warps for the rest of the weaving.
T shirt woven rug

sample of woven art by Carol

 Our Guild Show and Tell for February:
Eve in her handwoven vest.
  Eve has finished her Vest she started in Mary Sue Fenner's 'One of A Kind Jacket' workshop, I won't tell you what year! but she had to reweave some additional fabric for her vest and she ordered a custom made Copper Button for the front.

Eileen brought in a sample of Sprang Weaving. Which I have heard about but I have never seen it on a loom. The Sprang weaving is very old but was reintroduced by Peter Collingwood in some of his books.  

Eileen's Sprang weaving

close up of my fabric

My show and tell was 5 yards of wool fabric I wove for a workshop I will be taking in Minnesota at the Midwest Weavers Conference in June. It is woven out of Harrisville Yarns I purchased from Elizabeth's Sale last summer and some yarns I had in my stash. It turned out pretty good but I was a little disappointed with the Harrisville Singles that I used, as they did not full as nice as the Shetland and Highland yarns do.
Mary's warp for May 2015 Workshop

LOOKING AHEAD: Marsin Center Retreat for the Buellwood Guild members

For our May 11 and 12 th , 2015 Retreat at the Marsin Center, which I hope most of our guild members will try to attend for one of the days if not the whole workshop.  I have started a warp on my 8 shaft table loom. I intended this to be for a shawl that I was going to enter in the Midwest Weavers fashion show in June. But I have run out of time so I am going to warp it up for our guild. The pattern can be seen in the May/ June 2007 issue of Handwoven Magazine page 34. I am really excited about this warp as it will be woven in M's and O's with a variety of weft threads. If you read the Handwoven article it was designed to not have the warp colors or size to affect the pattern. So it will be really fun to weave and see the results.
Please let Eve or Mary know if you are interested in the workshop in May it will be fun to get together as a guild and share our knowledge. We will also have a loom that will be used to to show various Warping techniques for our beginning weavers. Other ideas are in the planning stage. So think about what you can contribute.

Please stop in at Copper Country Community Arts in Hancock, MI to see the Fiber Exhibit now on view. It is a very nice display of fiber arts created by local fiber artists and Cynthia has done a beautiful job of hanging the exhibit.

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