Monday, June 4, 2012

Fiber Arts Jacket Workshop with Mary Sue Fenner

Mary Sue Fenner and Adeline Goldman
This Spring the Buellwood Weaver and Fiber Guild got together for a workshop with Mary Sue Fenner. The ‘Fiber Arts Jacket’ workshop was held on May 21-24 at Finlandia University in Hancock Michigan. Mary Sue Fenner arrived Sunday night and we set up the workshop for the class. Mary Sue started her our workshop bright and early Monday morning at 9:00 with a fabulous trunk show of her beautiful garments.
Lorraine enjoying the modeling

The first day we viewed Mary Sue’s garments and tired on the ones we would like to make.

Debra Goldman trying on one of Mary Sue's garments

Myla in a Mary Sue's - Chanel Jacket!!! Very cool and all hand sewn!
Everyone brought a pattern and some sort of Art or Handwoven fabric to make a Jacket or vest. We pinned our patterns together - tried them on for Mary Sue. Mary Sue showed us where we needed to make alterations to each of our patterns.  Monday afternoon, with Mary Sue’s help, we laid our patterns out on our beautiful fabric and decided what would work best and what would not work. This can be disappointing if you just do not have enough fabric so weaving at least 5 yards is a good idea for a Jacket.
Eric ready for Mary Sue's Alterations to his Pattern

Lorraine and Jean cutting out their handwoven fabrics
Cutting your precious Handwoven fabric can be a very emotional experience.  Mary Sue helped our guild members cut into their fabulous fabric and she showed us some tips and tricks to make the cutting go smoother. We were soon sewing around each piece of handwoven pieces to protect the edges. Those who had sergers quickly accomplished this step. A good reason to learn how to use my serger !!
Mary Sue showing how to sew lining seams

Jean is so happy sewing her garment! or maybe she was laughing at Elaine modeling her garment.

By Tuesday afternoon garments were beginning to come together. Lots of questions for Mary Sue and interruptions  to observe a demo for making proper darts, finishing lining seams, button hole closures, and rolled seams. These were just a few demonstrations Mary Sue shared with us.
Finally on Wednesday some garments were ready to be tried on and finishing touches were to be added. There were lots of smiles on Wednesday as everyone enjoyed working together especially with the instruction of Mary Sue. It was a fun and very successful Workshop which you can see from the results.

Myla in her vest from fabric she bought in Sweden
Mary Sue does this workshop not only for Handweavers but also has a Jacket workshop for Quilters. She retired from Northern Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay. Mary Sue teaches each year on Washington Island at Sievers, at Midwest weavers conferences as well as traveling to teach at guilds across the country. Noted for her use of bright colors and her own handspun yarns, her clothing and accessories are seen in the Green Bay area shows, galleries and shops, and featured in Handwoven, Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot, Belle Armoire, Altered Couture, Sew Somerset and Haute Handbags magazines.

Mary Sue showing how to roll seams on Debra's beautiful handwoven jacket.   

I wished I had a photo of Phyllis in her Jacket! but I could not find one.  But  here she is in another one of Mary Sue's garment. And Margarette Goldman in one of Mary Sue's Jackets made of felting pony wool.

Those of us who would have to drive over each day- were lucky to get Kemp’s log home on Portage Lake to house Mary Sue and some of us who drove over from Ontonagon for the 4 days. We were very happy with our retreat house.What a deal this was vs. the dorms.

If you missed this workshop the Buellwood Guild is hoping to have more workshops in the future.

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