Saturday, April 2, 2011

Single Housing for Norhtern Wefts 2011Weavers conference

Winter Carnival is a big event at Michigan Tech University. When we went over to tour the new dorm Michigan Tech is using to house our single rooms, I took a few pictures of the Winning Ice Sculpture the Phi Kappa Tau Entry for Winter Carnival 2011.

Single Housing at MTU: the dorm we will be using for all our single rooms at Michigan Tech is Hillside Place it is a brand new building as of August 2010, the singles are actually suites. 4 single rooms per unit. 2 baths and a full kitchen microwave, stove and refrigerator (pots and pans provided) and a living room. All rooms at MTU have phones with free long distance and internet, either with jack or wireless in some rooms and in all the lounge areas. Ethernet cords are available at the desk for $3 as well as linen and towel exchange. The Dorms have laundry areas on each floor washer is free and 25 cents for dryer.

Hillside Place offers much more, such as fitness center, and lounges with fireplaces. Meeting rooms for your use and meeting rooms with AV computer equipment. You can also buy single meals for $8 or less if you purchase a meal plan, the cafeteria is right in Wadsworth Hall where our MTU double rooms will be.

Free shuttle service will be provided at peak hours between MTU and Finlandia. Shuttle service is also available on demand by calling the Hancock Transit at 906 482 3450.

Phi Kappa Tau Ice Sculpture

Whether you stay at Finlandia or MTU you will be taking shuttle buses to most of the classes and events, as most of our workshops will be at the Jutila Center(Portage Campus) about a half mile from the dorm and the terrain is hilly. The events will be on the main campus. Shuttle buses will be a big part of this conference and running on campus from the Jutila Center or Portage Campus (K) to Finlandia Hall (H- Dorm) to Paavo Nurmi center (G Vendor Hall) to the Hancock Middle School (just to the right of G). Our goal is to minimize walking great distances.

Bring your own pillow if you need it to sleep, your laptop, cell phone, a sweater for our cool nights and maybe a task light and fan.

But "Oh I hope we will not need fans".

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