Sunday, April 3, 2011

Karena Schmidt will be the Artist showing her work at Einerlei

I just found out the name of the artist who will exhibit at Einerlei during Northern Wefts 2011 Chassell Tour, which still has seats available. The artist is Karena Schmidt, she was a Naturalist Ranger on Isle Royale for many years and she created a design for a sweater with the flora and fauna of the island in mind for one of the wolf/moose researchers working on the island. The title of her show and visit will be "Nature as a role model for the human experience: A Knitter's lessons from Isle Royale". She has published a beautiful pattern pamphlet 'Moosing Around' that will be for sale at Einerlei during our tour. Her latest project is charting another sweater, she already has the wolf tracks charted out and the trees. She will include orange sunburst lichens as an accent color. I love orange and can't wait to see these designs. Karena has also offered to take time off of work to be at Einerlei during our tour on Thrusday June 23, 2011 to meet and talk with our group. Sounds like this one can't be missed! Hope to see you there.


  1. Hey guys,

    Finally remembered to check out the BW site. How cool is that!!! Beautiful, who designed it? Whoever it was did a marvelous artist job. Wish I could have helped, like I tried to do earlier. Oh well, Love all the links too. What is that list of "labels"? What a nice selection of topics and headings. Helps the viewer to know about all the happenings with the guild. A nice touch as well is the articles being dated so if a person misses checking out the site once in awhile they will know if they have read it before, etc. Nice, nice nice ladies and gentlemen, I assume we still have a few guys in the group, huh? I just had to tell you all what a great site you've created; so proud of you all and to be associated with such a great group here in the Keweenaw. Jan Young

  2. Thanks Janet! we appreciated your offer but were not sure what to do with it. We were lucky to have Donna Kallner one of the conference teachers and our Award committee Chair offer to set this up for us. It is so easy to add a blog. She has a blog also Red Thread about recycling and her artist blog Donna Kallner both are very interesting and entertaining. Hope to see you at one of the Buellwood meetings or at the conference in JUNE itis going to be great!


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