Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baskets by Hollie Pierce

Hollie has always collected baskets and wicker ware, and when she made her first basket in 1986, she was hooked. “Wow, you can make this yourself”. She originally thought they were all machine made or made on an assembly line.

What draws her to baskets is that they are both beautiful and useful. She enjoys the feel of the wicker, cane and reed, and the usefulness of each basket.

The large Tulip Tote, an open bottom basket 8" x 12" x 10" inches in size.

In 1990 she began teaching basket making to students from seven to seventy.

What is unique about basket weaving is that each basket is individually made and they all come out differently even when the materials and original intention are the exactly the same.

Hollie is from Pelkie, Michigan in the UP and is a member of the Association of Michigan Basket Makers since 1993. She will be teaching one Maxi classes at Northern Wefts 2011 in Hancock Michigan - MX505 Algonquin Basket on Friday June 24. This is a 10”W x 15”L x 9”H Basket with a lashed rim.

On Saturday she will be teaching a half day mini class MN907 Gathering Basket. This is a 8” x 8” x 7” with an Oak D handle.

More samples of Hollies' baskets

Honey Pot woven on a 10” x 14” inch Williamsburg D handle

Small Market Basket 6 x10 x 8 with solid bottom and Gretchin Braid Rim

Step Basket with a solid bottom and will fit on any regular step.

Penobscot Tote 5” W x 12”L x 10”H. This basket has a woven webbing the entire width of the basket which supports the weight of what is carried inside.

Join Hollie at Northern Wefts in June 2011 and make a basket.

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