Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Amy Tyler and Spinning - What can I say!

If you want to learn how to spin or improve your spinning, Amy is the one who will get you there. She also is a very Creative Knitter, check out these garments. She is a great teacher, and very organized. I will let the pictures of her work do the talking.

I have actually taken a couple of Amy’s Classes, and was very impressed. I especially liked Amy’s ‘Blending at the Wheel’ class. I learned how to extend the yardage of my handspun by blending the beautiful balls of roving I have purchased, just because I liked the color or feel, with no plan as to how to use this fiber. If you have not read her article in Handwoven on ‘blending colors at the wheel’ it is worth looking up. I believe it is in the winter issue of Handwoven 2008. She also had an article ‘Debunking the Wraps per Inch’ in fall 2010.

Amy will be teaching a preconference Workshop PC108 Spin, Knit Nexus’ this 3 day class is for the advanced beginner to advanced spinner. Your will learn to refine and expand your spinning to use in knitting. I think this means actually planning what you are spinning for a specific project! Something I have not been able to accomplish.

Amy's hand spun hand knit Garment

She will also be offering a 'Beginning Spinning Class' MX508 which is a one day class on Friday June 24, 2011. If you have always wanted to learn how to spin this is your chance to have Amy guide you through using your Wheel to make yarn you can actually use.

On Saturday Amy will be teaching another one day workshop MX515 ‘Blending Colors at the Wheel’ This is the one where Amy shows you how to use all those beautiful balls of roving you bought just because they were too beautiful to pass up. So that you can actually use them to complete a project.

Check out Amy's website and learn more about Amy and her Spinning and Knitting.

Join Amy at Northern Wefts 2011 in Hancock Michigan at Finlandia University June 20-25, 2011.

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