Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cameron Taylor Brown - PC107 Natural Inspiration Ideas from Nature

Cameron Taylor Brown is an Artist from California who will be teaching a 3 day pre conference workshop PC 107 ‘Natural Inspirations Design Ideas from Nature’ Her work is beautiful, we are lucky to have such a talented weaver and artist willing to make the trip to the UP for our conference. Those of us who are color challenged, or want to improve your color use to make your weaving, knitting or crochet a real work of art will gain from this workshop. As well as those who would like to improve your yarn selection choices for better results. A loom is not required for this workshop, but welcome if you are a weaver and want to explore weaving with colors from nature. Bring your knitting needles, Crochet hooks or other fiber tools to explore designing from nature with Cameron.Visit Cameran's website to learn more about her art.

In her one day workshop MX506 ‘Spice it Up’ will be offered on Friday. For this class you will need to have a pre warped loom, warped for 8 inch tabby weave with a solid or closely blended color (1 and 1/2 yard warp length). Cameron will supply the weft yarns. This sounds like an interesting class. Cameron will show you how to add accent yarns to a warp using a tie-in board, yarn twisting and wrapping techniques and yarn blending. Again weft yarns will be provided for accent colors and textures. The only requirement is you must be able to read a draft. Does that sound more interesting? It does to me. Visit her color play workshop online, to see a sample or her classes or listen to an interview with her on

Cameron’s Saturday workshop MX 513 ‘Ready Sett, Go’ will teach you to determine sett simply and accurately using the Ashenhurst Formula. This is a mathematical calculation used by the textile industry to account for fiber, yarn type, weave and end use. She will be focusing on the simple calculations that are of immediate use to the hand weaver. You will learn to design your own fabric. For this class she suggests a calculator with a square root button, thank goodness for that!

Come experience a class with Cameron at Midwest Weavers 2011 conference Northern Wefts at Finlandia College in Hancock Michigan June 20-25.

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