Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Audrey Chamberlain our Vendor Chair and Spinner WOW look at her yarns!

Our Vendor Chair for Northern Wefts 2011, Audrey Chamberlain is a full time mother and student in Finlandia’s Fiber program. She is also an accomplished Spinner. She has been spinning a couple of years and has mastered the Craft. Still eager to learn she takes spinning classes whenever they are available.

We are proud to say Audrey is a member of our Buellwood Fiber and Weavers Guild, and has volunteered to be our Vendor Chair. This is a big job and Audrey is a very busy mother and student. She has secured a number of vendors and the list will soon be updated on the Midwest Weavers website. We could still use about 8 more vendors so if you know any one that would be interested in Vending at Northern Wefts 2011 please contact Audrey – check the Midwest web site for vendor information.

Audrey attacks spinning very similar to Laurie Boyer who will be teaching 3 half day workshops at Northern Wefts 2011 MN 904 ‘Wild Felting’, MN801 ‘Laurie’s Lock Yarn’ and MN601 ‘Spinning Slub Yarn’ check out my earlier Blog about Laurie. Audrey and Laurie both have a passion for spinning and spend a great deal of time perfecting their craft.

Audrey is fascinated by Core spinning and has developed a way of using wire and wool to create a yarn that can be used to create art. She is busy spinning this yarn to use for her senior project this spring.

Core Spun yarn over Wire

Skeins made of Core Spun

YarnVessels made of Core spun yarn

Audrey is also teaching a Core Spinning Workshop at Copper Country Community Arts Center this spring on May 7th 2011 from 10am - 4pm. This is advance notice of her class as it is not on the calendar right now. I look forward to learning this new and innovative spinning technique from Audrey in May.

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  1. Thanks for featuring Audrey's talents! Everything she makes is just lovely.


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