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More things to do in the UP for your family and friends while you are attending Norhtern Wefts 2011

Some other ideas for our guests would be to take a boat ride on the Ranger III located in Downtown Houghton which is the official boat used by the National Park Service to ferry campers and tourists to Isle Royale National Park. The park is located 60 miles out in Lake Superior. This is a two day trip to Isle Royale from Houghton. It takes 6 hours to get out to the island, an overnight in the one of the cottages, the lodge or bring your tent and camp then 6 hours back to Houghton. The six hours are filled with talks by naturalist or park personal. It is quite interesting but you have to like boating and nature to enjoy it.

The Ranger sometimes offers a boat ride on the Houghton Canal on Thursday afternoons. It fills up fast so if you are interested call the Isle Royale National Park Office in Houghton for dates. Call 906.482.0984 for information and reservations.

A shorter boat ride to Isle Royale is offered from Copper Harbor forty five minutes north of Hancock, it can be done in one day. This is on the Isle Royale Queen IV a shorter distance and a faster boat 3 hours over and 3 hours on the island and 3 hours back to Copper Harbor about $60 per person. 906.289.4437 for information and reservations.

The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge is about 35 minutes north of Hancock and it was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps. It is a beautiful place to visit and has a Lodge with a restaurant, cabins to rent, and a Golf course. This is worth a stop just to see it and maybe have Lunch or Dinner in their log dining room. 1.888.MT LODGE or www.AtTheLodge.com

Fort Wilkins Historic State Park is also in this area, it has a campground, a restored fort with quality reenactment s of fort life going on most of the day. 906.289.1016 or www.fortwilkinsnha.org

Brockway Mountain Drive has a spectacular view of the whole area, along with a gift shop. Well worth the drive up to the top of the mountain. You may see Hawks soaring in the valley below you or sight an ore boat out in the lake, as well as see Isle Royale on a clear day.

In the town of Copper Harbor, you can take a short boat ride to visit the Copper Harbor light house that protects the point of the Keweenaw, or a few miles south of Copper Harbor visit the Eagle Harbor Light house. A small fee is charged to visit the light houses. Many gift shops including the ‘Outpost’ a weaving shop, ice cream shops and restaurants are available in these towns also.

Eagle Harbor Light House

Calumet is part of the Keweenaw National Historic Park. It has many historic buildings to visit and has a guided walking tour of the town, which includes the Calumet Theatre restored to the 1870 decor, the Italian Hall that was the site of the fire that Woody Guthrie wrote a song about, and many more buildings from the Mining era. There are also many restaurants, galleries, gift shops selling copper items, antique shops, coffee houses and the Red Jacket Brewery. As well as a Mexican restaurant Carmelita's that has a delightful thimble berry Margarita. Calumet is ten miles north of Hancock.

The Red Jacket Trolley tours has a number of tours they offer during the summer to Calumet or to Gay Michigan. For information call 906.296.9230 or visit www.RedJacketTrolley.com

To the south of Houghton in Alberta, Michigan is the Alberta Village Museum which is where the Ford Historic Sawmill and Village existed and the wood panels for the Woodie were produced. It is a nice museum and is about 40 minutes south of Hancock. 906.524.6181

The town of Chassell offers the Chassell Historical museum, Enerlei gift and garden shop a few antique shops and Fiber Whims owned by our guild member Carol Kreher she offers yarns and roving as well as many other fiber items and equipment for our . As you are traveling south of Houghton on Hwy 41 watch for her banner she is off the road in the woods, try not to drive too fast or you will miss the shop.

Lake Linden is a village to the north east of Hancock it too has many historic buildings, lovely restaurants and a Yarn Shop – ‘Yarns and treads’ owned by one of our Conference volunteers.

Be sure to take the Hwy that hugs the shore line, on either your way up to Copper Harbor or on your way back. Photo ops are unlimited. From the East side of the Peninsula you can see the famous Huron Mountains once the hunting grounds of Presidents.

For more things to do in the Keweenaw for your friends or family that accompany you to the Midwest Weavers' Conference Northern Wefts 2011.
Check out the Keweenaw Peninsula Chamber of Commerce at Keweenaw.org or Toll Free 866.304.5722

FINNISH WOOD CARVING CLASS $30 on registration form.

Special Class Offering For Guests of Conference Attendees and Any Attendees
Who Would Like to Try It!
For this conference only, we are offering a class that will be available to adults who are accompanying conference registrants. Pekka Olson is a local wood carver who uses traditional Finnish carving techniques. These classes will have a separate charge. You do not have to be registered for the conference, but you will have to have the conference registrant sign you up for the class on his or her registration form at the time of registration.

Special Class Offering #1 - Spruce Tree
This class is an entry-level wood carving class. You will learn how to choose the wood for your carving. You will also learn different types of cuts you can make and their results. You will learn about different kinds of carving knives and how to use each one. You will learn how to carve these lovely trees. Knives will be available for use if you don’t have a carving knife. This class is for adults only. There will be limited space. Friday June 24, 1-5 pm.

Special Class Offering #2 - Fan Bird
This is also an entry-level class. You will learn to select appropriate wood for each carving. You will learn about different kinds of carving knives and how to use each one. Knives will be available for use if you don’t have a carving knife. In this class you will learn how to carve a fan tailed bird. This class is for adults only. There will be limited space. Saturday June 25, 1-5 pm.

Go to: www.treehuggerlumber.com for the item you will learn to carve.
*See registration form for fee for these classes.

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