Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sheila OHara

Georgia On My Mind is a sample of Sheila O'Hara woven art.

It depicts Gary Larson cow sitting at a southwestern style table with a postmodern checkered floor. The cactus posing as an art critic is serving up the news that skulls are a popular design element. The cow representing the gullible public is pondering the advice. It is a commentary on the nature of man to follow all that is popular and trendy. "Georgia" refers to Georgia O'Keeffe a painter who helped popularize the Southwestern style. This piece is now in the collection of the Oakland Museum, Oakland CA.

Sheila has a sense of humor and will be a delight as a keynote speaker. She is using a Jacquard loom to weave her art pieces. Here in the UP of Michigan, Finlandia University has a fiber class that allows the students to design fabrics that are sent off to be woven on a Jacquard Loom. We are excited to have Sheila present us with more information on Jacquard weaving. She will also be teaching a 3 Day pre conference workshop June 20-23 2011 Multiple Warp Weaving.

Stay with our blog to find out more about Northern Wefts 2011.

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