Thursday, May 27, 2010

2011 Conference Information

Mark your calendars now! June 23-25, 2011 is the date of our next exciting conference. Weaving, Spinning, Dyeing, Fun, Frolic, Fellowship.

Start weaving now. Don't miss it!

Finlandia University
Hancock, Michigan - Upper Peninsula

Contact: Jean Lind or Mary Brownell. Contact information may be found here.

Overall Theme is “Northern Wefts”

Natural beauty dominates our landscape. We are surrounded by the great inland seas that are modestly called lakes. Our seasons are important to us and bring variety to our days. Inspiration abounds whether you are a weaver, artist, craftsmen, author, philosopher or sportsman. The desire to create seems to grow the longer we are here. Come and be inspired by our awesome beauty, enjoy the peace and solitude, join the fun of finding small treasures on our shores, and delight in the tastes of our pasties and thimbleberries. Welcome to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Fashion Show- Non-Juried “Superior Seasons”

On Lake Superior our winters are snow white, the skies are the clearest blue, but our ice can be vivid blue and turquoise. Spring displays the lightest of greens in the tiny leaves cautiously emerging. The delicate pink of lady-slippers and spring beauties tease us with their promise of color and life. The warmth of summer is apparent in the fields of daisies, hawkweed and buttercups. The lovely lavender of lupine and phlox line the ribbons of deserted highways. While fall embraces us with in the rich vibrant reds, shades of gold and deep purples before we loose all color again. And throughout it all the towering pine and spruce, their green so dark, watch over all, sheltering us from loneliness. Create hand-woven, felted, hand dyed, knitted and embellished garments, and fashion accessories to walk the runway. Contact: Mary Brownell.

Guild Exhibits “Aurora Borealis”

The northern lights, they are ever changing, always in motion, a whisper of color and never the same. Contact: Eve Lindsey.

Special Exhibit “Re-use, Re-new and Re-cycle”

Use any fiber medium to demonstrate how easy it is to be “green”.

Member’s Exhibits “Natural Elements”

  • Wood - The strength of our craft, functional or decorative woven household items
  • Water - All Felted items – including needle felted items
  • Wind – Fibers that protect us from the elements
  • Weft - Creative handspun threads

  • Wondrous Treasures - Fiber jewelry, wire weaving, beaded or embellished 

    Complete conference information and registration will be published here, at the official Midwest Weavers' Association web site.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on exhibit themes. Ideas are hatching!

  2. Thanks Eric it looks great - I have my ideas for a woven Jacket - now just need the time to get it started.


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