Monday, June 26, 2017

Hui-pile - A simple blouse worn in Mexico and South America

Handwoven and embroidered garments from around the world
For our June Guild meeting I invited my artist friend Mary, who is a painter, jewelry maker and a retired Spanish teacher to share with us her collection of 'Hui-piles'. A simple blouse worn in Mexico and South America. Mary has traveled the world and collected these beautiful hand made garments during her travels.

 Mary brought a large selection from her collection, few of them are show here. These samples show a variety of hand crafts from around the world. Some of them she bought from the makers or shops and some like this blue one she traded  a Timex watch to the craft person. It is from Morocco with African bead work.

She is a delightful talented watercolor artist. She she studied Opera, has lived in Spain and Mexico and now is living in Ontonagon MI selling her paintings at a local consignment shop and believe it or not Substitute teaching in the local school.

A colorful lovely person she wears many of these garments around town.  She has also traveled to Burma to Mia Mar where she traded a ride in her car for a garment.

Mary surrounded by her handcrafted garments
Guild members enjoyed identifying the weaving techniques used in a number of these items.

One of her favorite pieces are these lovely leg warmers which she loves to wear and feels that this is a up and coming popular item for our northern climate.
leg warmers

Thanks so much to Mary for sharing this beautiful collection with our guild.

Show and Tell

john's cotton rag rugs

John returned thinner from his month walking the 'Camino' in Spain. He shared his pictures from Spain with us on Facebook. We all felt like we had experienced his mission as he hiked the trail. we are hoping he will share a slide show with us one evening during our fall retreat.  John has had time to weave a couple of beautiful rugs and is planing yardage for a friend who wants to make robe for her upcoming ordination.

Dawn is knitting this shawl trying to get 6 end per inch but has found out she cannot knit that tight.
Dawn's wool shawl in progress

Betty with fair-isle Christmas socks
Katie Jo knitting a beginning slouch hat?
 Katie Jo brought her Aunt Betty who loves to knit Christmas stockings and these are some beautiful stocking for her friends and relatives. While Katie Jo continues to knit this time a lace pattern slouch hat that she was told was a beginners pattern. Following x and o's in the pattern is helping to keep her mind working.

Melissa has been weaving a lot since the weather has been so bad. 
Guess there is something to like about our rainy June. She has made a pile of towels from one warp and a scarf woven with sock yarn.
Melissa sharing her many towels

sock yarn scarf
Clare has returned from a two week May vacation in Malaysia with hand and machine stamped cloth.

Boreas braided bottle holder from Malaysia
batik cotton cloth

Indonesia hand stamped cloth
ikat scarf
Mary has been weaving, knitting and felting lately. I also took a Eco dye class at LOLA in Land of Lakes WI from Debbie Jirik.  Before that I took a slow stitch\mending class from Heidi Parks at the Warehouse in Eagle River. Both classes were very well organized and the teachers were very creative artists. We could do the Eco Dye!? fun and very easy except for collecting the dye material.

The Eco dye teacher is going to be an assistant to Yashiko Wada at Madeline Island School this summer and does beautiful stitched paper art. Her work can be seen at the LOLA art gallery in Land of Lakes. She will have an  Indigo Dye class in August at LOLA
dead fish hat sorry fins and eyes cannot be seen

my Eco Dye scarf

felted Trillium
my cottolin twill towels all different sizes !!

We are also planning our October 7-8 Guild Retreat to be held at the Marsin Retreat Center in Houghton MI. This retreat will be open to old and new members of our guild. There are many things being planned so I promise it will be 2 busy days. Including natural dyes, lace work, spinning, felting and weaving to mention a few. Look for more information which will be advertised online and around the local area. 

Buellwood weavers are planning a July meeting that will be a Spinning get together. The date is July 17th at Gloria Dei Bring your wheel and join us for some visiting and spinning instruction. If you do not have a wheel we will let you try drop spindle or wheel spinning also. NO Meeting is planned so come and chat.

August we are planning a road trip TBA. All are welcome we can car pool if necessary.


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