Thursday, March 2, 2017

Rag Rug weft cutting February 2017

3 shuttle Finnish Rag Rug

We had a big turnout at our February 2017 meeting, with many new members attending for the first time. Show and tell included examples of weaving, spinning, dying, and knitting. 
John brought in his samples from the class he audited at Finlandia last semester (Weaving and Off Loom Structures with Phyllis). He showed samples of log cabin and other techniques, as well as his final project, an overshot table runner and krokbragd rug.
John's samples

Anita brought her treasured buffalo fiber and discussed its properties and collection methods. 

Anita with Buffalo sample

Nancy, attending a meeting for the first time, brought a rug she wove. 
Katie holding her mat
Kathie showed off the first project she’s completed on her new rigid heddle loom, blue and white mats that she plans to give to her grandchildren.  She talked about some challenges she had beating nubby yarn that she included in her warp, and is already on to planning her next project. 

Dawn brought in some lovely hats and yarn that she hand-dyed. We were surprised to learn that the deep turquoise color in the hats was the result of a dye from black hollyhocks. 

 Clare's knit blanket
Clare shared her almost finished circular blanket knit from Icelandic wool. 

After show and tell wrapped up, Carol started the February program about cutting rags for rugs.

She showed samples of items woven and crocheted with rags.  She then demonstrated several ways of cutting rags using a rotary cutter or scissors, including methods for cutting continuous strips of fabric and cutting on the bias.   Carol also demonstrated how to use the guild’s rag cutter.

Guild Rag/Weft cutter - contact Carol for availability
 Thanks so much Clare for taking notes and pictures and writing this up for the Guild. 

Please join us for our next meeting which will be March 20th at noon at Gloria Dei Church in Hancock, MI. The program will be Color Theory presented by Phyllis.

if you want to come early or stay later to socialize bring a project along that you might have questions about or want work on.

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