Tuesday, May 10, 2016

April Buellwood Meeting - projects we are working on

Our Guild meeting
The April meeting of the Buellwood Weavers and Fiber Guild started with great Cookies for our guild meeting provided by Dawn. Thanks they were delicious.

We had a good turn out and members brought the items they were working on.

John brought in old issues from the guild Library which we really enjoyed looking over. Please bring in more John as I was told that they were very interesting by a couple of our guild members.

Dawn has been dyeing and brought in her sample cards for spring dyeing she was working on. Lovely soft colors using safe mordants and dye from local plants. The Fuchsia on the slippers is from a lichen she found in the U.P. how lovely is that?
A gift to a friend Slippers by Dawn.
Dawn's Natural dye sample cards
Dawn's felted slippers with the perfect toe!
 With more felting Dawn was able to get the perfect toe on her slippers! so cute!

Debra was able to make this meeting with Reena, Reena brought in her loom to keep her busy while we talked. Debra has her woven samples finished from the 2011 workshop she took with Robyn Spady. We all agreed the colors were bright and wonderful. It was good to see these two lovely ladies after a long absence.
Debra and Renna, our youngest weaver at work

Debra's towel samples from Robyn Spady Class 2011

Carol invited us to a Fiber Day on April 30th  her house. She did a great job of showing us how to select and prepare a fleece for washing.

As you can see at left she had an abundance of sheep fleeces to unload. We were happy to take a few off her hands. On May 21 she will have another wool day. Check with Carol to see what she has planned.

My project was putting on a very fine wool warp striped with an even finer 37/1 TEX over twist wool and nylon I had from Anne Fields.
I used her book ' Collapse Weave' to set up my 8 shaft table loom and weave the samples she described. I put on 5 yards very slowly and broke lots of warp threads in the process.
Of course after warping I read the37/1 spool that said do not use for warp!!!
Despite the broken warp threads I was going to finish my samples. I wove with these two and elastic yarn and a wool/Lycra yarn for the weft.
I did finish most of the warp and I have some very nice samples for reference in the future.

I also bought a kit ( cheaper than buying all these cones of yarn) and wove a baby blanket out of a cotton overshot pattern in Crayola colors. I am hoping Evie (my Grand daughter) will have it forever.

Mary's Collapse weave from Anne Fields book

Baby Evie's Overshot Blanket
up coming Natural Dye Day with Dawn at the Calumet Art Center in August 2016

Remember to sign up at the Calumet Art Center for this great August Natural Dye day with Dawn 



  1. So nice to see what everyone is working on!

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