Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October 2015 Dyeing with Natural Materials

We were delighted to have Dawn Anderson from Calumet MI come to our meeting and share her natural dye samples and recorded dye sample books with us. We are planning on having Dawn do a dye day for us next summer in conjunction with the Calumet Art Center. I believe a dye day is scheduled for August 5th at the Calumet Art Center. Check with Ed Gray at the Calumet Art Center about the dye day.

Dawn has been dyeing yarns with natural materials for some time. She has a number of books with recorded samples of dyed yarns using her method which does not involve any harsh chemicals to assist the dyes. Dawn handed out a worksheet for Mordant wool with Alum for her workshop. Dawn's dye workshop would include small skeins of yarn sampling her dyes rather than doing large quantities of yarn needed for a warp or weft. She has a number of workbooks she has assembled to keep track of her dye samples. Her interest is in creating ethnic band weaves so she has decided to join our guild. Welcome Dawn to the Buellwood Weavers and Fiber Guild.
Dawn Anderson

one of Dawn's sample book

the overflowing sample book of Natural dye results.

Clare's inkle loom band
Possible 2016 events
Therefore, we would also would like to get Audrey up next year to do a dye day for us using commercial dyes. So those who would want to dye a warp to weave could do that at the dye day.

Show and Tell:

Clare took home the Guild Inkle loom in August and she wove this Inkle loom belt from the warp on the loom. Clare still has the loom and hopes to try another Inkle loom design this fall. We learned: to make good salvages we need to adjust the yarn tightness in the next row as we weave on the Inkle loom.

Jeanne's handspun yarn

 Jeanne brought in some of her hand spun yarn to share with our guild she was matching her dye to the fall leaf she had as a sample. Nice job at capturing fall in your yarn.

 Melissa's Corner: she has been busy this summer on her loom. Melissa brought in 3 towels she wove in red, blue and white all very nice in 20/2 cotton.
She made 3 scarves out of rayon and linen mix yarns from Elizabeth's stash and one with a cotton weft. A red and blue scarf was made on her Rigid heddle loom.
She is also doing some punch needle ornaments that is a nice mobile fiber technique that Melissa is very fond of. She has also been knitting baby blankets this summer.
Melissa's scarves

punch needle ornaments
Melissa's cotton towels

Melissa's red and blue scarf

 Phyllis has her woven jacquard designs back from the weaving studio to share with us. She created aerial designs as seen from the air plane to be used this year.

Front and back sides of her Jacquard cloth.

Phyllis also brought in a cowl she knit from hand spun and hand dyed yarn she received from
 Audrey and a sample of a woven Jacquard cloth designed by Phillip Faulkner a Studio Arts teacher, and developed for weaving by Phyllis. Phillip used the word level to create his design.


Audrey's handspun yarn

Lynn's Japanese Rozome dye samples
Phyllis Japanese Rozome dye samples
Lynn is promoting and responsible for the registration for a Rosome Dye Painting class in June she is taking the reservations for Kiranada Sterling Benjamin class June 22-26, 2016 at Finlandia University.

She and Phyllis took the class the last time it was offered and they brought in some of the samples they made at left and below. Check out her website above or contact Lynn for more information about the June workshop.
Rozome dye is a barrier resist wax technique.

Eileen mentioned the possible opening of a new Preforming Arts Center in Hancock. Keep your eyes and ears open for this addition to our fiber and music community. Good luck to Bill and Eileen on this venture.

Susan mentioned that Rose Anderson is offering Shetland mix fleeces at the Sturgeon River Kennels. I believe I heard they have a multicolored fleece that is very close to black.

A reminder that our guild dues were due in September. Please bring your $15 dues to the next guild meeting in November 2015 when John and Susan will be presenting Waffle weave for our meeting.
dues were due in September $15 for the entire year!

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