Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

Pekka's wall hanging -Weft is Cattails. This one is not for sale, as his wife claimed it!
The Buellwood Weavers have met a few times this fall, weather permitting. I was not available for most of the meetings. But I do have a few pictures to share

I would like to wish a Happy New Year to all our members and share the pictures and information I have on the fall meetings.
In September Stephanie Camp presented a program on her new yarn shop in Calumet called Camelot Dyeworks LLC. She has yarn, patterns, classes and special events. Check out her website for more information. Stephanie gave each of us a sample of your yarn and a coupon.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Our show and tell included a handmade knife that Peter brought to show us with an oak handle that was
made by Dan Kempanin. Peter also told us his loom is in the house and he is ready to weave!
Eve brought in some weaving that she has been working on. 

We talked about some ideas for guild meetings this year and we will have a Tablet Weaving demonstration by Elaine in January and a Rigid Heddle Loom demonstration by Stephanie to follow. If you have any other ideas or requests for a meeting please let Eve know.  

I brought in my Collapse weave scarves that I wove last summer.

Georgie Hurst

In October Georgie Hurst did a presentation for our guild on her fiber dyeing method that we all so admire.She had several samples of dyed warps and pictures and explanations of her method of dyeing. She also had samples of finished scarves, garments and yardage. Several of our members volunteered to assist her with her next dyeing week.

Our Christmas Luncheon was held at the Kangas Cafe at the Juttila Center on December 16th as planned. We had a small turn out but the lunch was excellent again.

 Show and Tell
 Pekka brought in his first weavings. These beautiful wall hangings are made with warps of Cotton and wefts of Binder twine dyed with Rite Dyes.
The flowers and leaves are carved from Basswood and seeds, cattails and cones are incorporated as embellishments.

 Jean wore her One of Kind Jacket she made at our Mary Sue Fenner Spring workshop. Jean purchased a woven fabric from the Gay Feather fabric store in Madison. The Pattern and fit are perfect for Jean. She reversed the fabric for the bodice of this jacket. By the smile on her face, you can tell Jean was very happy with the results of her labor.

Eve spent a day dyeing after the Georgie Hurst dye demo and as you can see she has a number of beautiful dyed silk scarves to show for her effort.  She also brought a number of woven items for show and tell this week.                                               
This runner was woven with Sugar and Cream yarn.

 I finish the Rauna that was woven with Shetland wool I bought from Elizabeth's stash sale in fall. I am happy to report it has found a home in Ontonagon.

I knit some Christmas socks for my son and daughter-in-law this fall that are now hanging on their fireplace in CA. They visited last Thanksgiving and I took them to a yarn shop in Houghton and we found the yarn and this pattern created by Anna Lu at her shop. It was in a very nice book of U.P. Patterns to knit, that Anna Lu published. 

 Susan one of our new members has not had too much time to weave since her move to Hancock. But she has been busy enjoying finding woven items that she treasures. Here is a lovely woven shawl that she found in Marquette.

Below is old woven Piece she found in the attic of a house they owned before moving to the U.P. She told us this large woven piece was solid black when they found it in the attic, after much labor this cloth was revealed
examining the very old woven cloth.

Eve ended the meeting with her hand made Kantele or Finnish Lap Harp on which she played 'Hymn to Joy' by Beethoven.
See you next year at our January19th guild meeting which Elaine will do a demonstration of Tablet weaving.

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