Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Austrailian Beanie Fest April 15 th Buellwood Guild meeting

Oops! I  almost forgot to post our Guild meeting on April 15th.

We arrived at Gloria Dei Church and found the Parking lot full. Hmmmmmmm what is going on? A funeral in progress, Oh my! But the church staff set up a room in the basement of the church for us to use for our guild meeting. Thank you Gloria Dei! We met in a color full room with a small table and some chairs and lots of little chairs and tables ..... for the children.

Carol brought a small TV and her computer and shared with us some of her pictures from Australia in 2012. She has lots of beautiful pictures of this luscious country. She especially wanted to share with our guild her discovery of the Exhibit of Fiber Hats that she toured during the 2012 Alice Springs Beanie Festival that is held every year. 

 The challenge in 2012 for the Beanie Fest Exhibit was to tell a yarn or express stories through your work. Explore your own heritage. What tales are important to your family? Be inspired by mythological creatures and heroines. Dream of your favorite bedtime story, let your imagination find new details to share. The exhibition was open Friday June 22- Sunday July 17 2012 and Carol had the fun of attending this Exhibit

Located in Araluen Cultural Precinct, Larapinta Drive, Alice Springs Australia.   

*** These were some of the hats that were in the Exhibit.

This year’s 2013 event is called: 'Beanies from the Heart - A Celebration of Friendship' It reads Friendship has been at the heart of the Alice Springs Beanie Festival for seventeen years. We want to honor the values of friendship including trust, loyalty, honesty, compassion and fun. We challenge all beanie makers to make a heartfelt beanie about friendship. There is still time to send your Beanie for the Competition this year. Deadline is May 27th, 2013. Check out the website http://www.beaniefest.org/ for more information.  Sounds like they accept all Beanies! So send one off for a chance to win $200 worth of Yarn and a trophy. I believe the entry fee is $20.

Our Guild members showed up with their Beanie’s to share.

Carol shared a felted hat that she originally made for her husband Don, It is even in the Tech colors! But alas it did not fit him. So now it adorns her fiber shop 'Fiber Whims' store window. 

 Jean’s favorite hat is her black newsboy hat, which looks pretty cute on her. She just takes such nice pictures.

Jeanne Medlyn brought two interesting hats one was a baseball hat with a pinwheel on top, that one disappeared before I could snap a picture. Then a homemade aluminum foil hat with an antennae. I thought she said it was her hat to protect herself form aliens!!!


 Lorraine had her fashionable ‘Red Hat’ Beanie

Eileen loves her pink cotton crocheted hat that she is always wearing. But she did bring a wool hat that is warmer up here in the north woods…. With all the snow we had this year she really needs to have a warm wool hat. 

Adeline is modeling her hand knit hat and woven scarf that she just finished.

Mary (me) shared her felted Trillium hat. I love making these flowers especially since my Poinsettia and Trillium turned out so nice.

Phyllis who always wears a hat left her’s at the School…. Or at least she thought she did! Then when she put on her coat what did she find but her Beanie was in her sleeve. 
Debra wore her Wool Harrisville coat that she made last spring in Mary Sue Fenner’s Art Jacket Class. She almost has her hand woven fabric done for the workshop in June ( 3,4,and 5 ) that we will be holding at Finlandia.  There is still room in the workshop if you are interested – a couple of us will be using commercial fabric for this workshop. Mary Sue will help you create a ‘one of a kind Jacket’ with whatever you bring to sew. 

Lynn finished Jean’s gift from the fibers we exchanged at our 2011 Christmas swap and it is a beautiful lilac Shawl, made from yarn Jean provided for the exchange. I am still waiting for mine! Hint, Hint!!!!  Just because you became a troll you can’t forget us…..

Eric said he did not wear hats although he knits quite a few of them. He will be leaving us the attend graduate school in Corvallis Oregon next fall. So wish Eric well if you see him before he leaves the U.P. 
Eric knitting and note Jeanne's beanie...

Our Paper weaving workshop with Bea Grob is next week so I hope all the Looms all warped and pot lunch item thought about.... Bea will be arriving in the U.S. soon. we will see you at the Marsin Retreat center Monday morning May 6th be ready for class at 10 am. Ready to learn!

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