Friday, January 4, 2013

Holiday Luncheon 2012 Buellwood Weavers Guild

I spent today weaving and after warping two looms before Christmas I have been avoiding weaving. I can’t believe I have been so lazy about getting down there and weaving. I think the problem was I was debating about whether I should sample with the 8/2 cotton I warped on my loom with a Lace pattern to see if the 16 ends per inch sett was correct.  Not wanting to waste any yarn, LOL!. I wove a towel in tabby 34 inches long with a Dukagang border on each end. Thinking it looked too open, to make a nice towel, but not sure. I cut off the towel and a small sample of woven pattern. Washed and dried it and it looks pretty nice. So if I make the sett 18 ends per inch than it might be a little tighter but I will lose 2 inches of weaving width. But if I don’t try the 18 ends per inch I will never know which is better. What to do???
Little sheep all in a row.
 While the sample towel was washing, I finally started weaving on the other loom set up with a cotton warp and a weft of an inset pattern of little sheep in a row. I have to make some adjustments to the height of the sheep as they are turning out very tall. But they are kind of cute. We will see how cute they are after 2 yards of weaving. Maybe these could be used for the Midwest Weavers Conference as our Buellwood Guild donation to the Goody Bags. I should have about 100 or 120 little cards when I am done. But I need to have 340.  If anyone is interested in making something or more of these for the Guild’s contribution to Prairie Winds Goody bags due in May 2013 it would be greatly apprecaited. I hope to have samples to show you at our guild meeting in January.

Holiday Luncheon and Lynn is taking the picture. Small group but a fun group
  Our Buellwood Weaver and Fiber Guild Holiday party was held Monday December 19 at the Library Restaurant in Houghton. We had a pretty good showing and we exchanges Artist Trading Cards for those interested in Participating - instead of gifts this year. It has become a tradition to have some kind of game to get us into the holiday spirit and once again Lynn brought along a game to test our fiber knowledge and provided prizes for us. The fiber questions were a little tough.... Did you know that Woodrow Wilson had sheep on the lawn of the White House? or that Australia is the leading producer of Wool?

Artist Trading Cards
We exchanged our Artist Trading Cards, which were lovely. Some of us got the directions wrong yours truly included!  but they were very nicely done.  We all still have five or so left so if you want to join us bring your cards to the January Meeting on the 21st and join in the Exchange.

Leslie's Cat Tapestry
Leslie's Cat
Leslie's miniature tapestry

We also had Show and Tell which is always enjoyed at our meetings.Leslie brought her tapestry fresh off the loom. She has a black and white cat who loves to lie on its back and she incorporated the cat and rug into her tapestry. She also shared another beautiful small tapestry she made this fall. Leslie is doing an online Tapestry workshop with a lady in Florida. 

Eve's Mug Rugs
Eve brought along her Krokbragd woven mug rugs to show us. They are very nice and maybe something others would be interested in weaving. If there was more show and tell items, I am sorry I have forgotten in all the Christmas hustle. 

 January 21st is our next meeting at Gloria Dei Church at noon. Leslie will show us how to weave Tapestry Mug Rugs. If you did not receive her supply instructions for the meeting, please contact Leslie or one of us to forward them to you. I will bring a box of miscellaneous yarn for all to use but if you have specific colors you want to use – please bring them along.Yes the mug rugs are side ways in this picture but the Blog is not cooperating with me.

Tapestry Mug Rug

Prairie Winds 2013 the Midwest weavers Conference this June will be held in Emporia Kansas. They now have a facebook page and the classes are now online at

Registration starts January 21st So check out the site.

Happy Weaving in 2013

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