Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MTU Fire Drill Alert

For our attendees who will be staying at Michigan Tech
we have some
last minute updates.
#1 If you have selected a single I regret to tell you that the single kitchens
do not have pots and pans and eating utensils as I had earlier been told.
So bring any cooking items or plates and silver ware you will need!

AT THE JUTILA CENTER on Finlandia's Portage Campus.

If you do arrive late we have instructions on the door at the Jutila Center
in Hancock.If you know you are staying at Michigan Tech, all singles and most
arriving after Wednesday will be staying at Michigan tech. You will need to go
to the Wadsworth Hall at MTU for you late registration instructions. After 8 pm
you may have to go to the Security Building on campus show your ID and get your
room key. Then come to Jutila for registration in the morning.

#3 meals can be purchased for $8 at MTU right in Wadsworth Hall they are not
part of the Meal plan at Finlandia.

#4 During the summer, Michigan Tech houses a variety of adult, youth, and athletic
programs. When we have participants that will be staying in our residence halls
overnight, we run fire drills with the youth programs within 24 hours of their
arrival to campus.

I want to share this information with your so that your adult participants do NOT
become distressed. The building is not dysfunctional. Fires are not actually

If your adult participants hear bullhorns, this is a practice drill for the kids.
The adults do NOT need to evacuate. Practice drills with bullhorns are scheduled
for the kids on June 19 and June 23 in Wadsworth Hall. Drills may occur at any time
of the day. Tentatively, I think these drills may occur at 10 pm.

There are NO drills scheduled for Hillside Place. If any alarms go off in Hillside
Place, please evacuate! All Weavers are on 2nd and 3rd floor, this is as close to
the ground as I could get them.

Hopefully, I have secluded the Weavers in an area of the building so that they will
not hear the bullhorns. The Weavers are all rooming on ground, first, and second
floor in the northern Wads building. The kids are on higher floors. However, your
Weaver may see the evacuation occurring. I do not want them to be scared or

The only time the Weavers will be required to evacuate the building is if a fire
siren occurs. This noise is clearly a fire siren. Currently, we do not plan to set
off the fire sirens while the Weavers are with us on campus.

I hope this information helps you.

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