Monday, November 1, 2010

Thank you to our Volunteers for Northern Wefts 2011

Jean Lind and I have been busy typing the new details for NW2011 into word files for the registration booklet due to be printed in December 2010. It is quite a job especially if you have limited skills with Word 2007. I worked as graphic designer for 20 years the last 10 or so using Quark Express 0n a Mac. I sure wish I had access to that program right now.

We have a number of volunteers working as committee chairs to gather information for us for this booklet and we are happy to have them helping us. We also have volunteers working as various committee chairs that are working on entirely different jobs for this conference. I want to mention some of these people and thank them in my blog today.

I want to thank Eve Lindsey for weaving the award ribbons - they are beautiful and reflect the sparkle of Lake Superior. So if you enter one of the Exhibits next year you may be able to take one of these home with you along with some cash or another gift. Eve is an accomplished weaver and is also the Co Chair of our Guild. She is also chairing our Guild Exhibit for NW2011. If you have questions about the guild exhibit Eve is the one to contact. See the Midwest Weavers conference web site for contact information. We thank you Eve for all your help.

Another volunteer that has been a great help for the last 6 months has been Donna Kallner, Donna is an artist and teacher who besides agreeing to teach for our conference, has also volunteered to be our Awards Chairperson. She is in charge of getting the prizes organized for NW2011. She also volunteered to set up our Blog - so you can thank her for this site. I have never blogged before and without her we would not be able to share all our latest information about the UP of Michigan and the conference with you. Donna lives in White Lake WI and is a very active blogger. Check out her home page and her blog Red Threads which is about art, inspiration, and various fiber events around the country. She also has a blog about living simply and making a difference - Compost and Creativity. Her Art is varied and her talents many

Some of Donna's work, more fiber art can been seen on her website.

Donna will be teaching a Maxi workshop at Northern Wefts 2011 'Netting With a Shuttle' and two Saturday mini classes 'Mosaic Bead Looping' and 'New Age Looping Trunk Show', where you can see the creative uses of this Looping technique.

I have taken Donna's
'Mosaic Bead Looping' Class and really enjoy the technique and the portability of this craft. When I saw some of the art that has been created with this looping technique - I am in awe. If I ever give up weaving as my craft, this 3 dimensional looping would be the thing I would explore.

Donna has created our Buellwood Logo and set up our Blog for which we owe her many thanks.

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