Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Highlights of past Midwest Weavers Conferences

Today I was typing up pages for our registration booklet which is due to go to the printers soon. My Kitchen table was piled with papers and notes - so I can try to remember to include things in the Exhibit entry forms, explanations of each exhibit and other important information.

Working with Word 2007 is a challenge for a Mac Quark-Express person. But I have learned a lot with this challenge of working in Word. The hardest thing is being patient and waiting for others to supply you with the information needed to complete your project.

So while I am waiting for the final information to put in the book, I was looking at some photos I have of past conferences. I have only been to 3 conferences, after missing the preconference workshops at WOW in 2005, where I just attended the conference and took mini and maxi workshops and entered the Fashion Show. I had such a good time, and loved seeing my garments on the stage for the Fashion show. I decided it is time for me to take some more in depth workshops. So off to Roots I went in 2007. I signed up for Margaret Roach Wheeler preconference workshop 'Designing with Summer and Winter' and a number of other smaller workshops during the conference. I had never done summer and winter weaving and I had no idea what it was about. But what a class that was! I would not miss a Midwest Conference now. Here are some highlights of past conferences:

Margaret Roach Wheeler sharing samples of her hand-woven Garments in Class, 2007

Edna Kohl's printed or painted warp preconference workshop at Roots in 2007.

Betty Huttner visiting our Class at Heartland between her many last minute details - I guess that will be Jean and myself next June. Lois to her left was the Registrar for Heartland and she did get to take a workshop.

I really enjoyed Heather Winslow's ' Weaving With Shimering Silk' workshop. I tell you I was so disappointed when I received my silk warp for the class and it was all White. But what I learned from Heather's class is that All White and natural Silks make some beautiful woven work.

This is a picture of Heather Winslow's white scarves. How beautiful are these? I have a whole notebook full of samples like this to get ideas from.

Judy from Kansas, who I met at 'Roots' was sharing some of her felted work with other classmates in Pat Marley's 'Felted Scarf' maxi class at Heartland in Iowa 2009.

Gisela is here admiring Judy's
beautiful felted piece she brought along to show.

On Tuesday ' Workshop Show and Tell' night during the Preconference I visited the other weaving classrooms. No time during the day as we were weaving away in our own little corners.

These are pictures of some beautiful stuff being woven in the other Heartland 2009 Preconference workshops. In color too!!!!

Don't miss out! visit Midwest Weavers Website and check out the Workshops, soon to be online. Registration opens January 20th 2011. These Preconference classes are the best deal. You cannot get a 3 day workshop for this price anywhere else.

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